Libertarian VP, Bill Weld, Once a Top Recipient of George Soros Money?

Founded in 1983 by former US Senators Frank Church and Hugh Scott, The Center for Responsive Politics is a nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit organization that tracks money in American politics. Their website,, “is the most comprehensive resource for federal campaign contributions, lobbying data and analysis available anywhere,” where they track and report on data released by the FEC.

14642568_10211147587745999_813504198_nAccording to The Center for Responsive Politics, Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, Bill Weld, is one of the top recipients of funds from George Soros. Only Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Nita Lowey, and Ken Salazar, all Democrats, have received more money from Soros Fund Management. shows that Bill Weld received $24,500 from Soros Fund Management in 1996, during his Senate run against John Kerry. Weld was the top recipient of funds from Soros that year, getting more money than even Chuck Schumer and John Kasich.


George Soros is a billionaire investor and political activist who has had an exceedingly influential role on global politics over the decades. He is a prominent supporter of liberal progressive causes and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations. George Soros is someone who, “admittedly enjoys collapsing the governments and economies of sovereign nations and, in fact, finds it ‘fun.'”