Principle Over Party: I Support Darrell Castle For President

Every four years, we hear every argument there is as to why we should vote either Republican or Democrat. They tell us to vote the “lesser of two evils” and that voting for a third party is a wasted vote because they have no shot. The establishment in both major parties act as if they own your vote simply because you may be loosely affiliated with them, and they use fear mongering and guilt to get their voting block to fall in line.

Sadly, this is becoming true for the Libertarian Party as well; a party that I have tremendous respect for, even today.

But many in the party are using those same tactics and rhetoric to get its members to support unprincipled, unlibertarian candidates such as Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Gary may be a genuine and overall nice person, but that doesn’t mean he should be President. I have no confidence that a Johnson-Weld administration would protect and defend religious liberty, freedom of association, the 2nd amendment, or the right to keep the fruits of one’s labor.

This is why I support the Constitution Party’s Candidate, Darrell Castle.

I first began flirting with the idea of supporting Darrell Castle after my exclusive interview with him (click here to read that interview). I was extremely impressed and pleasantly surprised by his answers. Since then, it’s become even more clear that Mr. Castle is the most libertarian candidate in the race.

He is miles above all the rest when it comes to taxes, the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, foreign policy, and overall a knowledge and respect for the Constitution. The only area in which he differs from myself is his immigration policy. But it’s never been about finding the perfect candidate, it’s always been about finding someone who will effectively spread the ideas of liberty, and if elected, will bring us closer to a free society. Although Castle may lack in the areas of marketing, he is certainly solid in the areas of principle.

Ron Paul was never a party man, and neither am I. I would love to see the Libertarian Party grow and have influence, but not to the detriment of our principles. Join me in sending the Libertarian Party leadership a message by voting for Darrell Castle, and ensure that we don’t have to worry about another Johnson-Weld type of ticket in the future.

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Editor’s note: This endorsement is reflective of the author’s views and not that of Liberty Hangout’s founders.