Secession 2016

The Libertarian Party Convention convened this weekend and decided to nominate Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld to go up against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the general election. I would have happily gotten behind any other candidate in the LP, but Johnson and Weld have one too many positions that are at odds with my principles. Many ancaps, minarchists, and Constitutional conservatives are now in the same boat as I and are left without a candidate to support.

It has become increasingly apparent that our liberties are only going to continue to be squandered at the federal level. While we are fortunate to have great men like Rand Paul and Justin Amash in Congress to fight back against the clenches of tyranny, for every inch of liberty we achieve, the progressives gain a mile. It has almost been a century since this country last had a liberty minded president, and the progressives have all but ensured that freedom fighters have seen their last days in the White House.

We at Liberty Hangout have always been huge proponents of state secession. We believe that a decentralization of power is a huge step in the right direction for liberty. As our founding fathers alluded to us three centuries ago, the government which is closest to home is the easiest for us to control.

Thomas Jefferson and our nation’s forefathers knew that a centralized government that was hundreds of miles away would never be able to represent us. The US federal government has become the very evil that the signers of the Declaration of Independence sought to secede from. We here today, as the leading liberty lovers of our society, must craft a new Declaration of Independence.

Our new endorsement for 2016 isn’t for any politician, or for any political party. We are endorsing secession in 2016, and call on the state of Texas to be the leading voice of freedom. A union no longer exists when the consent of the governed is lost. We must disband ourselves from this despotism and start anew, before all hope is lost.

An economic collapse of magnanimous proportions is just over the horizon, as is a Trump or Clinton presidency. The shroud of darkness is only going to continue to grow, and our window of opportunity to attain liberty is swiftly fading.

We must secede to restore our economic prosperity. We must secede to restore our gun rights. We must secede to restore competition in the marketplace. We must secede to have greater control over our government. And we must secede to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

Will you join us in taking a stand against tyranny and support secession in 2016?


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