Love liberty but don’t want to vote for Trump or Clinton? Meet Austin Petersen

With Ted Cruz dropping out of the race, the 2016 presidential election has seemingly been reduced to a Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton matchup, leaving many American voters disaffected, morose, and scratching their heads about what to do next. Those who love liberty would agree that this is a very dreadful convention, and would be justified in fearing for our nation.

But don’t lose hope. There is a third option in this race. Meet Austin Petersen.

Austin Petersen is a young, steadfast proponent of liberty and ardent defender of the Constitution, and is seeking the presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party. Austin is a former associate producer at the Fox Business Network, and played an integral role in introducing the world to Judge Napolitano, who woke up millions to the intrinsic evils of the federal government. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of the website

What makes Austin stand out from the rest of the Libertarian Party hopefuls is that he is the only pro-life candidate seeking the nomination. He is also the strongest defender of the Constitution and hopes to get government back to within its confines. Inspired by our forefathers, Austin hopes to inspire an intellectual revolution in this country; a revolution that embodies the spirit of ’76 and puts forth the ideas of economic freedom and personal liberties.

If you stand firmly against the chokeholds of tyranny and are sick and tired of pressing one of two buttons in the voting booth, press the third button to stick it to the two-party dictatorship. The Libertarian Party will be on the ballot in all 50 states this November, and if he wins the LP nomination, Austin Petersen will be the ONLY liberty minded candidate in the election.

Head on over to his website to learn more about his platform. We don’t need to settle for the tyranny of the Clinton monarchy or the wall building toupee. This is a battle that we can win. #AP4LP


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