LH PODCAST: Ep. #13 W/ Jeffrey Tucker

We had the honor of hosting one of the most prominent names in liberty this evening, in Jeffrey Tucker. Jeffrey is an economist, philosopher, author, and entrepreneur, who is the CLO of Liberty.Me, a Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation of Economic Education, an executive editor of Laissez Faire Books, a Research Fellow at the Acton Institute, and is also the founder of the CrytoCurrency Conference. Tonight we chatted with Jeffrey about an array of topics, ranging from Bitcoin, to Austrian economics, to the relationship between Catholicism and voluntaryism. Jeffrey also answered how property rights would be enforced without government, how he feels about minarchy/Constitutionalism, how markets will arise for private defense/courts/roads in the absence of the state, and the proper course of action he believes we should take in order to reach a free society. He also provided insight into why Christ is a very compelling figure for not just Christians, but for all of humanity, and why Christ’s principles perfectly align with libertarian philosophy.

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