The Decline of American Culture

Greetings Liberty Lovers,

We are in uncertain times indeed. Anyone with half a brain who researches their own information knows there are very dangerous paradigms in play that have historically had disastrous consequences and were catalysts to future chaos from their respective points in history. But there are many things going on that have NOT happened before. These are the things that I wish to talk about.

It is common knowledge that establishment media in any form is disinformation, regardless of the platform conveying the message. Let us start with the the birth of a child in today’s age. We are told that we must inject our children with many forms of chemicals because it will keep us safe from disease and sickness, even though it has been proven to have adverse effects. Studies of which are manipulated and distorted through MSM by being politicized to maintain the pharmaceutical profits and controls that the FDA is all to happy to enforce.

Once you leave the hospital, you are brought home with your family, if you are lucky enough to have both parents. How successful your parents were in life is pretty much a cap on how successful you will be in yours, although I readily admit that this is not always the case. You will be fed formulas and milk and water until you are old enough to eat solid food. The water will have sodium fluoride in it, unless your parents filter the water or buy select brands of bottled water. If you are exposed to this fluoride as such a young child, it robs your of your full intellectual potential. When you begin eating foods, those foods contain processed chemicals and GMOs that will make you fat, lazy, sad, and tired. Unless your parents grow their own or pay hefty cost of real food.

Soon you will have to go to daycare or pre-school, because chances are that both of your parents work. It’s not that they do not want to be with their child, it is simply the way the economy is. We have to work more and more to get less and less. Before too long, your statist indoctrination will begin and you will say the pledge of allegiance. You will be taught some math and progressive science. You will be taught American history and be led to believe that democracy is a good thing and that Americans have always been the heroes of history. You will have to keep getting your shots or you will not be able to attend school. If you can’t attend school, or your parents can’t afford to send you to a private school or find the time to home school you, you will be taken away from your parents.  You will learn to be a conformist in an environment where everyone just wants to fit in. You will be taught that truth comes from authority and that anyone who questions authority is to be ridiculed and distrusted because they are different. But that’s okay because they are just troublemakers trying to ruin the learning for the rest of us. Besides it’s just a brain sickness and we can fix them with medication from the doctor. You will be taught about sex, and all different kinds of it, long before you have any interest in it and still find the matter amusing, as most children do. You will become accustom to this existence and you will spend more time learning from the state than you will from your parents or on your own.

Years will go by and you will be in middle school. You will take interest in the opposite sex or the same sex. You will begin dating. If you are a typical America and have a typical American diet, every time you have had hot food served on a plastic plate you have ingested a fun chemical called Bisphenol A. It’s in many plastics and is a common chemical in your day to day life unless your parents made the choice to safeguard you from it. If it’s everywhere and in everything why does this matter? It must be safe right? There are numerous studies that have been done that are troubling and you can read about them here. BPA is akin to Estrogen in terms of effects and makes people more emotional as a result. You haven’t even arrived at high school yet and you have already been flooded with chemicals and information that will rob you of your intellect and prevent you from being a logical, independent thinker. By this age you already have a smartphone and have already joined into the youth’s “I want it now!” mindset. Your attention span will have been reduced to one smaller than that of a goldfish. You have been taught that feelings should never hurt and you equate offense with physical assault. You are well on your way to becoming a collectivist.

You begin high school. In addition to a poor curriculum and Common Core education up to this point, you will start to receive heavy social indoctrination via social conformity. But at least you survived the shots and were lucky enough to not receive autism, right? You will learn about climate change and how we need to take care of our planet. You will be taught that the cure for our irresponsibility is a policy called cap and trade and it will fix everything. You have been sheltered and aside from the social struggles that all children deal with as a result of growing up you have been shielded from any real adversity. You are taught that we live in a racist world run by bigots and elitists who control everything and that they are white and if you are white you should feel bad because of what these people have been doing. You are taught that capitalism is failing this once great nation and that socialism is the cure. You begin to speak up in the name of social justice because you are a good person and you seek to end all these problems that the world will throw upon you. But you hang in there, you do your best to get good grades, and you get accepted into an amazing college. But the cost is too great for you to afford, and you have to take out loans which you’ll be paying off for the rest of your life.

You get to college. You are excited at this new journey. It’s your first journey into the real world. You learn the horrors of our bigoted society. You learn about the virtues of socialism. You see where we have had our freedoms for too long and that we need to sacrifice some of them for the betterment of the collective. You learn about the racism perpetrated by the state. You learn about how big business is taking advantage of the poor. You go to parties and everyone there is getting high and or drunk and doing what college kids do. You are lucky and meet a significant other. You fall in love and have a child. You graduate. You are lucky to find a job. You are the noble progressive democratic socialist. This is the apex of your life. You have set out against the odds and have made it you are a successful american living the dream.

This is the path of the average 20 something today and the path of all those to follow. Like progressivism itself, the indoctrination will become more radical as time goes on. You are taught to believe only the edicts and informational sources of the state. You have no knowledge of real history. You have no knowledge of economics. You have been conditioned to only take topics for what they are at face value. But it is not because you are dumb, it’s because you were put into a successful training system. You have been conditioned physically and mentally. You are an emotional individual and much more so if female. You do not know how to handle adversity and your response is to call for authority. Because of this, your relationship with your spouse was not successful and your ex took you to court and has taken your child. You are now extorted by this individual through the state so you can see your child. You are trying to pay off your student loans and support your child, but it is hard. Your ex ended up with the house. You are struggling to make ends meet. You vote for policies that only worsen your situation because you lack the ability and knowledge to understand complex issues thoroughly.  Your child is being taught by the state. You vote for a minimum wage increase to help others worse off than you and in 2 years you lose your job because the small family owned business you work for can not keep up with the labor costs and has to shut down. You see it as capitalism attacking your life.

You see American foreign policy as bad but you know the soldiers are doing their best. You see Syria destroyed by our nation and wonder why the hell anyone would want to reject these people. We owe them the right to live in the very least. Why would ANYONE oppose this? You vote for your state to allow these people to come. At first nothing happens and you were right. But as the years go on more and more are brought in. Violent crime starts becoming a thing and something must be done to end these problems. We have accepted these people into our homes and these stupid conservatives keep attacking them and making their lives harder. Haven’t these people been through enough? But you know we aren’t safe, so you will turn to the state for security. There are now TSA agents on the highways and at malls and movie theaters to make sure nobody has weapons and that everything is still ok.

And this is essentially where we are. Society is  being programmed to fail. Statists are literally biological drones. Our whole culture is being destroyed. But not by foreign refugees or even shitty foreign policy. By statist education/indoctrination. The tools people need for critical thinking are taken away from them long before they ever had a desire for them if they even ever have said desire. People’s minds are stripped not of just the correct knowledge, but the ability to ascertain facts from data sets unless it is in direct training to whatever their occupation may be. Science is being used against the populace to destroy cultural values. Science is being used to make emotional thinkers with virtually non existent attention spans. Science has turned america into a country of mindless narcissists who only care about how many likes their selfies get. They only care to appear that they care. 21st century tyranny tricks you into accepting government edits/policies by making them look good after taking away your ability to look into what they really mean and what the impacts will really be. Government has realized the majority of us will go along with tyranny so long as we are provided with the choice for it. There is a war on your mind and if you identify as a democrat, republican, socialist, progressive, or any other lame stream title, then that war has been won before you knew it ever existed. Now you reject the information when it is brought up to you because it doesn’t fit into your preselected world view. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” I have no interest in forgiveness. But if we stand by and do nothing, they will all be used against us, hence the point of democracy. There are many radical and hopeless SJWs and I would never recommend wasting even a thought on them. But there are many out there who are questioning the world around them.

Voluntaryists, they need YOUR guidance and YOUR help. They need the next piece of their liberty puzzle. Time is limited.

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  • November 18, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    This is an amazing article. It truly describes the life path many of my peers will go through. They have no critical thinking skills, focusing on and clinging to what they understand. They advocate the use of violence on those who see the world differently than they do. Hopefully we will be able to teach our children well so they stray from this monstrous path of statist dogma.

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