An Open Letter To Mizzou Protesters

Dear Mizzou protesters,

Congratulations on using the power of your voice to peacefully get your desired wish. I may disagree with your tactics and aim, but you did it peacefully nonetheless, and for that I applaud you. With freedom comes the right to be heard, and I have no right to quell your beliefs.

You saw a problem you were disgusted by, and you rallied a massive wave of support to achieve a goal. You perfected the art of the protest and made the entire world hear your cries. You didn’t back down and take no for an answer.

As DeRay Mckesson tweeted earlier, you proved to the entire world how powerful protests can be.

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You have an extraordinarily powerful voice and have demonstrated that protests can achieve anything. Because of this, I am hoping you will take into consideration my plea to you.

Your greatest enemy is not your white brother. Your greatest enemy is the entity that permitted the enslavement of African Americans, the entity that passed Jim Crow, the entity that silenced Martin Luther King Jr., and the entity that continues to squander your opportunities to this day. That entity is the government.

We can logically deduce that you as an individual own yourself. If you own yourself, it is logical to assume you also own the product of your labor. Therefore the initiation of force against your person or your property is wrong. In short, it is wrong to steal, assault, and murder. This is known as the non-aggression principle.

Government exists by violating the non-aggression principle. Do you pay your taxes voluntarily, or under the threat of violence? If you freely decide not to pay your taxes, is the government going to leave you be, or are they going to send men with guns to compel you to pay your dues (remember Eric Garner)?

With this said, the government is the greatest threat to your life and your wellbeing. If justice is what you seek, then you must oppose the state, not work with it. The government can never in any sense accurately represent you; otherwise the government would operate on a voluntary basis and not compel you to buy their services under the threats of violence.

If you take a look at all of the laws modern day progressives favor in order to “help” disenfranchised minorities, you will see that they all have racist origins. The first gun control laws in this nation were meant to keep firearms out of the hands of Native Americans and African slaves to prevent them from rebelling. The first minimum wage laws were lobbied for by white union workers in order to price cheaper black labor out of competition. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a racist white woman who sought to exterminate the African race. It should be of no surprise to you then that the majority of abortion clinics are in impoverished African American communities.

Since these laws were first created to oppress minorities, this must then make you question if they serve the same purpose today. Are these laws really for your benefit? Is the entity that operates by theft really on your side, or are they just looking for your approval so that they can further extort you?

The problem is not white people. There are obviously nefarious whites in power that wish to control blacks. But as you can see, these problems all stem back to the state. The Black Lives Matter protests were aimed towards the police state. The police are an entity of the government ,which passes laws that compels its agents to use force against those that don’t comply with their edicts.

If you oppose police brutality, you must oppose the state. If Burger King were assaulting their customers, you would probably agree that it would be crazy to give them more money and would prefer to see them go out of business. The only way you can hold police accountable for their actions is by privatizing the police, thereby giving you the option to voluntarily decide who you want to protect you.

Government police can never be held accountable since they operate by theft and will never face market repercussions. As Walter Block states in his book Defending the Undefendable, “If taxes were paid voluntarily, the boss, even in a government office, would be subject to meaningful control. He would stand to lose money if his behavior offended his employees. But because he is supported by money from coercive taxation, his employees are at his mercy.”

Now that we have established that the state is an immoral entity that seeks to extort and control you, I am hoping you will oppose statism with the same fervor that you oppose racism and sexism with. I am hoping that you can join together and ally yourself with strange bedfellows to end this vicious cycle of human slavery. The state has us rapped in chains, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

I am hoping you will use your voice to promote an even greater peace, and an even greater human prosperity. You own yourself and are a free, beautiful, and independent human being. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to consider an enlightened new way of thinking that will help enrich humanity like never before? Your journey starts today. Google voluntaryism.

Your brother in liberty,


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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Mizzou Protesters

  • November 11, 2015 at 11:29 am

    Finally a true libertarian voice ! This much better than the article written by Sarah.

    Thank you

  • November 13, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    Irony…. The Ferguson Grand Jury proved that the entire “Hands Up” narrative never happened! It was a LIE propagated by black lives matter and the corrupt liberal media. A year later, the entire liberal MSM has yet to admit this as they continue to promote a race war agenda…. Probably to distract from disastrous economic and foreign policies. Divide and Conquer!!!!

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