Manufactured Reality

  Manufactured Reality. What does that even mean? Morpheus says,  “What If I told you events were presented to you in such a way so that you follow predetermined chains of thought in hopes you follow predetermined behavior?” Sounds pretty wild doesn’t it? Or maybe not so much depending on who is reading this blog post. While everyone is caught up in the latest new horror, I can show you this is just another fancy dog and pony show put on by the state to assault our freedoms even further and levy more corporate authority through the state over the people. Take a walk with me…..

         As you logged into social media sometime today I’m sure you probably ran across this story or one similar.  So let’s take a closer look at what is going on here. Regardless of the MSM outlet the narrative is pretty much the same. Wednesday night 6/15/15, a white kid went to a black church in Charleston, S.C. sat down with a church group for a prayer service for a time before opening fire killing 8 and wounding a 9th who later died at the hospital. The motive is being described as a blatant act of racism.  The only motivation the shooter had to kill these individuals, was the color of their skin. Then you can add the spin of the publication that you are getting the news from and the filter of the political lean that is known all too well.

        So now we have another black/white divisive issue for the SJWs to argue about. We have another ban the guns issue for liberals to get all libtastic about. We increase tensions between an already trigger happy police force and the people. And queue antigun rhetoric here and here! But most importantly and most threatening to the liberty movement is this, #DomesticTerrorist.

The Daily Kos article in and of itself is laughable at best. “This guy is a terrorist because reasons!”  All the ones except the one that clearly defines terrorism. But despite its lack of logic, it appeals to the basest of individual’s feels. And you know logic doesn’t work well against a mainstreamer who makes all their political decisions based on the emotional tipping point of an argument.

         The link to #DomesticTerrorism is supposed to because of the flags on his jacket in a picture he uploaded on Facebook. As well as another picture of him with a confederate state plate on his car. These are supposed to be symbols of racism but I don’t see the political gain he stands to achieve through these means. These photo’s can be viewed here. I won’t be shocked to see if much more evidence supporting his racism appears in MSM of the days to come. But I said this was a threat to the liberty movement. How? Remember section 1021 of the NDAA? Let’s see who that applies to.

 “(2) A person who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.
          What defines a belligerent act? What happens when public perception of crime changes and “capital crimes” are viewed as #DomesticTerrorism. Surely cases just like this one will be used to justify stronger actions used by local and federal prosecutors. Especially when the crimes in question are alleged as “crimes against a nation” As all federal crimes are prosecuted as. The United States of America vs. “Your name here.”
          But that seems a bit of a jump. How do we get to where we are now to #DomesticTerrorist being a threat to my liberty? Let’s look at the circumstances that create this change in perception and then policy.  When these events happen and people post articles no longer labeling people as what they are (in this case a murderer) and instead view them as domestic terrorists (like this article here) It changes the perception on crime. It will be slowly attached to “reasonable” cases that fit the bill in the minds of the majority.  Once the people are slowly exposed to these articles to see if these will take off, it’s only a matter of time before social media catches up with uninhibited ignorance. While people argue and debate and the army of social conformists try to convince everyone they come into contact with that the state’s will is the virtuous one, and those of us who know the contrary will also try to debate or troll these dedicated statists. That is when we are most vulnerable to attacks like this, and this. Yes pretty much the same thing twice. It matters that much.
       Manufactured Reality. This narrative only benefits the state. Only in every way you can look at it. It also has the same fingerprints all over it. And all it is, is a fantastic distraction. Watch the right hand while the left one cocks back to punch you in the head. Do you subscribe to a belief other than the ones provided for you through MSM? Perhaps a worldview that you came to on your own that is still evolving as you read about, and watch events transpire before you? Who is the enemy of the state? You are. Here are a couple of reminders #1 and #2. Sure these are old. But are they any less relevant today? If you read all this and still don’t understand it then just know this. This is the part where history says the government classifies its enemies and moves against them. Oh wait, it’s happening…