Muslim Man Kicked off Plane for Speaking Arabic is Fake News

If you opened up the news this morning, you probably came across the following headlines.

YouTube star Adam Saleh was allegedly kicked off of a plane for speaking Arabic. The video of Saleh being kicked off of the flight can be found here.

Upon reading this, everyone’s first instinct was to point fingers at Delta and defend this man against being profiled. But a quick search of Adam Saleh paints a much different picture of the situation.

Ashley Rae, the founder of Communism Kills, noted on Twitter that Saleh makes a career out of antagonizing people on planes in order to cry racism.

Just a few days ago, he also bragged about smuggling himself onto a plane in a suitcase. Though the airline says this too was faked.

In addition to this, Saleh is also known for faking terrorist attacks in order to record people’s reactions.

And in February of this year, Saleh uploaded a video titled COUNTING DOWN IN ARABIC ON A PLANE EXPERIMENT.
“What would ever happen if we count down on the plane.. in Arabic?” Saleh said to his friend.
“No bro. You trying to get kicked out, boy?” His friend replied.
“It’s freedom of speech. It’s a social experiment,” said Saleh.
“It’s a messed up experiment,” said his friend.

Passengers aboard Saleh’s flight from earlier today are already refuting his claims, alluding that this may be another one of his social experiments.

Americans have once again been played by the leftist media that likes to cry ‘fake news’ while spreading fake news stories themselves.