Journalism Professor Admits to Bias Against Conservative Outlets

When Liberty Hangout Grassroots Director and InfoWars correspondent Kaitlin Bennett heard Senator Bernie Sanders would be visiting Ohio for a town hall event, she knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear the presidential candidate speak.

An event open to the public, Bennett attended Sanders’ town hall at Lordstown High School on Sunday afternoon. While sitting in the crowd waiting for the event to begin, a campaign staffer approached Bennett in her seat to inform her that the campaign did not want her there. Bennett was ejected from the town hall with no reason given. Security officers apologized to Bennett that they were forced to remove her, and agreed she did nothing wrong.

Bennett swiftly took to social media to post video of the incident, which spread like a wildfire. Her video already has more than 2 million views on Twitter, and has been retweeted more than 20k times.

Leftists on the social media platform were quick to berate Bennett. One Twitter user replied to Bennett saying, “On what planet are you a journalist?”

Connie Schultz, a journalism professor at Bennett’s alma mater of Kent State University, seized on the opportunity of Bennett’s viral video to take a swipe at her credibility as a journalist.

Schultz responded to the tweet, “I’m not defending her eviction. But as a journalist teaching in the journalism school of her alma mater, where Bennett tweeted a photo of herself parading around campus with an AR-10 rifle on graduation day, I am clear that she is not a journalist. She’s with Infowars.”

Schutlz’s biased tweet towards Bennett is troubling for some Kent State students who aspire to become journalists for conservative outlets. One student at the university currently interns for InfoWars and told Liberty Hangout he feels disrespected, and that a journalism professor should not be showing a bias against other outlets.

Schultz is married to US Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio that has an F rating from the NRA, wants to ban magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and voted against banning partial-birth abortions.

This wasn’t the first time Schultz took shots at Bennett on Twitter. After Bennett took her graduation photo at Kent State with an AR-10 rifle last May to protest the campus’ policy on concealed carry, Schultz immediately damaged her credibility as a journalist by injecting her biased opinion into the matter, instead of reporting on what happened.

Instead of reporting on why Bennett took her photo, or explaining that its purpose was to promote the right to self-defense on campus, Schultz attacked Bennett for her photo. Tagging the Kent State School of Journalism and Mass Communication in her tweet, Schultz wrote, “You can stop sending me links to that juvenile stunt at Kent State. I have zero interest in self-serving person toting a gun on campus – and just days after anniversary of May 4, 1970 shootings that killed 4 students. So grateful for @KentStateJMC students who keep standard high.”

When Bennett returned to her alma mater in September to hold an open carry walk, Schultz again showed us exactly how journalists should not behave. Schultz neglected to report on the purpose of the walk, and instead assumed Bennett’s intentions. Schultz tweeted, “Journalists covering today’s protest at @KentState should stop referring to the organizer as ‘gun girl.’ This is the kind of echoing that turned Trump’s false claim of ‘fake news’ into a battle cry of millions. She is a recent graduate flaunting a state law for attention.”

A proper journalist would have found Bennett’s Facebook event page for her open carry walk, in which she clearly stated the purpose of her event was to “create dialogue about campus carry, talk to students about why gun control doesn’t work, and come together with hundreds of her closest friends who support the 2nd amendment.” But Schultz is not a proper journalist, and is a poor excuse of a journalism professor. Schultz is an activist.

Schultz’s bias extends beyond just her disgust of Kaitlin Bennett and Infowars, however. Last month, Schultz called Fox News “a propaganda machine for this president.”

Schultz has also once stated that Fox News “weren’t really a news organization.”

Meanwhile, Schultz has appeared on CNN with conspiracy theorist Brian Stelter, who has pedaled lies about Russia and said that he was taking Michael Avenatti seriously as a contender in the 2020 presidential election. Avenatti is believed by the Justice Department of being a serial criminal and has been indicted on more than 36 counts of wire fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud, and more.

Schultz once called herself “the woman Trump hates”. In an article about Schultz and her husband Senator Sherrod Brown, Politico described her as “not just a spouse who’s a journalist. She’s a spouse who’s a journalist who’s a liberal feminist.”

From the facts put forth, one can deduce their own opinions about whether Schultz should call herself a journalist, or if she is simply an activist hiding under the label. 

If this is the case, is it appropriate for someone so biased to teach students at Kent State University what it means to be a journalist?

We reached out to Connie Schultz and will update the story if we receive a comment.