To Grow Liberty, We Must Stop the Blue Wave

By Adam Wilson

The stakes are higher than ever for the upcoming midterm elections. Liberty lovers have done so much to advance the cause in the past few years, and the fruits of our labor are finally starting to pay off.

Unnecessary waste has been cut from the government’s budget, taxes have been cut, and religious liberty defended. Even more important, we are leaving a more permanent mark on the nation by appointing pro 2nd amendment, pro religious liberty, pro small government judges that will outlast the current administration by decades, acting as a check against big government for two generations to come. In order for this to continue, we have to win the midterms so the left can’t obstruct the pro liberty agenda.

It is rumored that a Democratic “Blue Wave” is supposed to sweep Congress in the upcoming midterm elections. Today, we are going to respond to that with a Red Tsunami with our National Week of Action.

We need you to help us elect pro liberty candidates like Marsha Blackburn, who received an “A” rating from the NRA. You can help from home with a laptop or smartphone with our phone banking app. Email [email protected] if you want to help make this a reality.