Daily Reminder Oprah Said Old White People “Just have to die”

Oprah has always been a controversial figure in politics and democrats have started calling for her to run for election in 2020. As a result, the hashtag #Oprah202o has started trending on twitter and many twitter users seem to have very mixed feelings about it. This is mainly because Oprah would arguably be the worst possible candidate that the Democrats could run.

The Daily Wire comprised a short list of just a few terrible things Oprah has said and done because of this recent craze for her.. The list only cements why running Oprah would be a terrible choice for Democrats and you can view it yourself here.

Perhaps the craziest thing on the list is the fact that Oprah thinks old white people just have to die in order to cure America’s racism. Yes, you heard that right. Oprah thinks all it takes to end racism is just a little genocide of older generations. This really takes the cake in how low the left will go in order to push their agenda, it also shows their disgustingly hypocritical nature. Democrats consistently complain about Trump’s eloquent and claim he’s a racist but Trump has never called for entire generations of ethnic groups to be killed. The only good thing about an Oprah2020 campaign would be that Oprah would be very easy to defeat. Not only does she have no experience in business, politics or foreign relations, genocide is thankfully never popular.

If Democrats nominate Oprah, this would only mean four more years of economic deregulations and an increasingly shrinking federal government. Trump may not be the ideal choice for promoting the Libertarian brand but he certainly would do more for Liberty than someone who thinks people need to die ever would.