Reason Magazine Editor Calls For Ben Shapiro to Be Punched Repeatedly

Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Associate Editor for Reason Magazine, has called for the violent assault of Conservative Commentator Ben Shapiro on Twitter after Shapiro stated the obvious: transgender individuals who claim to be women are not, in fact, women.

This isn’t the first time Brown has let her man-hating emotions get the best of her. In July, Brown threatened a young libertarian activist after he made an innocent joke about sandwiches, so this behavior should come as no surprise, and the fact Reason tolerates such behavior from its staff should be very telling about whether or not they are in fact a “libertarian publication” (but their praise of neocons like Jeff Flake should already prove that they aren’t).

Ben Shapiro was quick to respond:

It seems Ben Shapiro understands libertarianism better than the folks at Reason. Under libertarian ethics, initiatory violence is not okay, ever. The Non-Aggression Principle demands that one neither initiate nor threaten physical force against another individual. One must sign a pledge to the NAP in order to even be a member of the Libertarian Party. This tweet alone debunks the idea that Brown is a principled individual. Simply put, she’s a leftist subverting the liberty movement.

In fact, this tweet violates Twitter’s terms and conditions whereas it is a direct incitement to targeted violence. It’s amazing that Brown claims to support free speech but then openly advocates violence against people with whom she disagrees.

People aren’t detracted from libertarianism because a teenager tells a joke. Rather, people are detracted from libertarianism because we have Ivory Tower hacks in the Beltway that will turn away from the NAP the moment someone triggers them. Since Brown was so quick to urge people to fire a young libertarian over a joke, I won’t hesitate in calling for Reason to remove Elizabeth Nolan Brown from her position. People like Brown ought to be ostracized, not welcomed, by libertarians. Social Justice libertarianism needs to die if liberty is to live.