American Flag Burning Leftists Push for Law to Protect Gay Pride Flag

We all know how Leftists are. They virtue-signal as a means to satisfy their internal desire to be liked by other people. They throw temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want. They riot out on the streets when a person they don’t like becomes the president. They burn the American Flag because that will TOTALLY get people on their side. And then.. they propose enacting laws that will ban people from destroying or disrespecting their beloved rainbow pride flag.

If we are certain of one thing, Leftist politicians are on fire for the protection of a leftist’s favorite flag. Congressman Alan Lowenthal of California has called for further legal protections of LGBT Americans after the Pride Flag was taken down and stomped on in front of his office. The congressman is using this incident as a means to push his agenda of ripping down our right to association and property by means of the 2015 Equality Act, a bill that would extend the protections from the 1964 Civil Rights Act to disallow discrimination on the grounds of “sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.”

In essence, what the Equality Act, or HR 3185, would do is expand the definition of “public accommodations” to include “establishments that provide exhibitions, recreation, exercise, amusement, gatherings, or displays; goods, services, or programs, including a store, a shopping center, an online retailer or service provider, a salon, a bank, a gas station, a food bank, a service or care center, a shelter, a travel agency, a funeral parlor, or a health care, accounting, or legal service; or transportation service”, and then completely outlaw the owners of these establishments from having the sovereignty of choosing who can come into those establishments and request and receive service.

This bill is essentially the “stomp on muh flag, I stomp on your ass” attitude the Left claims to despise, but on steroids. The Left is too thick to see their own hypocrisy right before them. Representatives Ted Lieu and Nancy Pelosi joined the tirade in protection of their sacred cloth. Representative Lieu said that “we cannot allow this to be the new normal” in a tweet. In another tweet, Pelosi said that “The attack on [the Pride Flag] at @RepLowenthal’s office is an attack on our values as a nation.” The LGBT House Caucus engaged in the hostility to the freedom of association by claiming that they “refuse to allow this to be the new normal.”

The hypocrisy is so rich. Not even two months ago, these guys were practically pouring gasoline on the blazing fires that burned the US Flag, the Gadsden Flag, the AnCap Flags, and all other flags the Left hates (NEWSFLASH: The Left is hateful). It is obvious that in the Left’s ideal society, I would be thrown in a cage for burning the Pride Flag. But I must ask, if a soldier comes to my door, and that soldier is Milo (or any other homosexual), does the 3rd Amendment still apply if they want to come in?