Canadian Man Arrested for Hate Speech

Less than a week ago, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that Canada will be offering “free” housing to Middle Eastern refugees that will be banned from entering the United States over the next 90 days, amid Donald Trump’s executive order. This was a hard move left for an already left-leaning nation. But new revelations of a crackdown on free speech may indicate that Canada is making an even harder turn left than expected.

According to the Montreal Gazette, a 47-year old man was arrested in Kirkland, Canada last night for posting hate speech against Muslims on social media.

Reporters scoured the streets to learn more, and spoke with some of the man’s neighbors. “Ethnic nationalism has no place in Canada,” stated one neighbor. “Intolerance is part of every society, but we need to live in a progressive society that includes everybody,” said another man.

It is presently unclear what exactly the man posted that prompted his arrest, but Capt. Guy Lapointe told reporters, “Threatening or hate propaganda on social media, regardless of intention (humour), can be criminal.”

It is unknown what the man’s charges will be, or how long he will be detained for.

CBC News is reporting that Montreal police will be “hiring 55 people whose jobs will include monitoring social media sites for hate speech.”