An Abortion Is Not a Right. Abortion Is Murder.

By I, AnCap

No Matter How You Slice it, Abortion is a Moral Crime

Stopping a human heartbeat knowingly is absolutely murder under any circumstances that aren’t in self defense. Before I explain further, I believe it is the case that abortion in the case of rape or accidental incest is an act of self defense.


Any other scenario that does not threaten the mother isn’t morally justifiable. If an individual makes a voluntary decision to have a transaction, the consequences of that action are the responsibility of that individual and must be imposed upon that individual.

Furthermore, the pro-choicers will often make the case a fetus is not human. If it’s not human, what is it? An animal? An alien? A plant of some sort?

The answer is almost invariably, to this crowd, a parasitic organism. Even though it has human DNA and characteristics, it is completely dependent on the mother and therefore should be at her mercy.

Is a small child not dependent in the same way to their caretakers? The elderly? What about those on government assistance? Are they then parasites as well, even though they have human DNA?

I leave you to ponder this.