The Buying and Selling of Labor and Unfunded Liabilities

How can you say you own your property if you have to pay taxes to some third party to not have force initiated against you? How can you say you own your own body if you have to pay taxes to some third party to not have force initiated against you whenever you sell labor?

These questions probably make you uncomfortable, right?

Socialists and Democrats and Leftists of all sophist flavors claim that it is exploitative for employers to purchase labor from employees but they don’t have a single fucking thing to say about the fact that third party individuals acting under the superstitious auspices of government initiate force against sellers and purchasers of labor for not submitting to theft.

In other words, you aren’t allowed to engage in voluntary, consensual exchange unless you let someone rob you.

Let that sink in.

The fact is that you do own your body and the effects of your actions, which is why you’re able to own property. Taxation, being a euphemism for theft, results in kidnapping, imprisonment, assault and/or murder for resisting.

Even worse, the taxes currently collected are only paying interest on outstanding government debt. The true “budget deficit” is the $220 trillion in unfunded government liabilities. Individuals acting under auspices of government would need to invest this much money today to pay back their loans 75 years from now.

They don’t have the money, and they won’t be alive 75 years from now.

What this means is that they literally sold your unborn great grandkids into debt slavery so that you can have global war, free healthcare, free college, roads, food stamps, welfare, social security, and all kinds of other shit that you think you’re entitled to because of the fact that you cheered your looters while they looted you and the futures of everyone you care about.

The fact of the matter is that the government is broke. You may think you paid in but no one paid in. Everyone got robbed and the government used the money it stole (and the money it continues to steal) for collateral and interest payments on an infinite loan that it expects an unlimited number of unborn generations to pay back.

Will you be someone who demands a bailout (more future theft from yet more innocent, unborn people) for your bad “investments” (your decision to submit instead of resist)? Do you really expect the unborn to pay for the consequences of your actions or inaction?

Think hard about your answer.