Leftists Launch Racist Attack Against Black Gun Rights Activist, Bully Her Off Twitter

Since her graduation photo with an AR-10 on the campus of Kent State University went viral a month ago, Kaitlin Bennett has made waves on Twitter with virtually every photo she has uploaded since.

This past weekend, Ms. Bennett and a few of her friends attended an open carry rally in Ohio to protest gun control legislation being proposed in the statehouse. Among them was her friend Natalie, out outspoken African American conservative student that has been featured with Ms. Bennett in viral videos on Liberty Hangout in the past.

Bennett posted a photo of the two of them at the rally to Twitter, writing in the caption, “The best way to empower women is to support our right to self-defense. Thanks to @Natalie_lyn67 for being the most badass friend ever and standing up for the #2A with me today! #GunRightsAreWomensRights”

Immediately, the “anti-racist” Twitter mob rushed to the replies to berate Natalie for both her looks and her skin color, all because she is someone who happens to break away from the parasitical left-wing groupthink. Many commenters poked fun at her appearance, with tweets making fun of her getting thousands of more likes than the original tweet itself. She was called a token black girl, and accused of being paid by Bennett. The tweet had more than 1500 responses, most of which were attacking Natalie.


After seeing her Twitter bombarded by these responses, Natalie deleted her Twitter account.

A few short weeks ago Kaitlin Bennett was banned from Twitter for 12 hours for saying there are two genders. Twitter claimed her tweet contained targeted harassment of someone and incited others to do so. Twitter also stated “We consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.” Not only were these leftists able to harass Natalie to the point of deleting her Twitter, but one quote tweet of the photo attacking Natalie for her hair received more than 200k likes. The girl even admitted in followup tweets that she was excited to see people attack Natalie in the replies. Unlike Bennett however, she was not banned for targeted harassment, and her tweets remain up.

Bennett told Liberty Hangout, “They bullied her to the point she deleted her Twitter to avoid reading the nasty messages. They didn’t even criticize any political stance- they straight up bullied her for her appearance. I feel responsible for not knowing any better and putting my best friend into the light like that. I should have known the ‘tolerant’ left would attack. I’m heartbroken because Natalie is a beautiful, funny person who has been by my side for the past year doing campus activism with me and making cool ass videos showing how ridiculous college liberals are.”

Support Kaitlin and Natalie’s #CampusCarryNow initiative by ordering a t-shirt here.