Suspects Who Attacked Conservatives at Buttigieg Rally Identified, Police Seeking Arrest Warrants

This past weekend, a number of Democratic presidential candidates swept through the state of Iowa. Among these was the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg. 

Buttigieg hosted a ‘Picnic With Pete‘ event in Cedar Rapids on Sunday, June 9th from 11am-2pm CDT. The South Bend mayor drank beer from paper bags, played cornhole, and even performed a tune on the piano for the Greene Square Park crowd.

After filming in Des Moines, Iowa for two days to cover the Capital City Pride Fest, Kaitlin Bennett was in town for the Picnic With Pete. As stories of child drag queens continue to make headlines in conservative circles, Bennett wanted to ask rally goers if they believe it’s child abuse for parents to put their underage children through hormone replacement therapy.

In a now viral video that has received more than 1.5 million views across three platforms, Bennett, her fiance Justin, and her cameraman Michael are seen being violently attacked while filming an introduction for their video. The three of them were all assaulted at around 1pm by a rally goer and his father.

The two individuals can be seen entering into the frame and flipping off their middle fingers at Bennett, as they proceed to threaten her and throw expletives at her crew. 

One of the men proceeds to shove Bennett’s fiance, in what appears to have been an attempt to knock the camera out of Justin’s hands as his father got in Bennett’s face. The man quickly turned around and saw Michael was filming on his phone, and swatted the cell phone out of his hands, shouting “F*ck you” repeatedly.

After Michael said he was going to call the police, the young man steals a water bottle from Michael and throws it at his face. He then yells more expletives at the team and slaps Bennett, before a local Cedar Rapids man ran in to get the two men away from Bennett.

The two men that attacked Bennett are believed to be Ethan Buhrow and his father Michael Buhrow, who traveled out of state from Illinois to attend the Buttigieg rally. Ethan is a political science major at Arizona State University and lists on his Facebook page that he was a Field Organizer for failed Democratic candidate Nancy Zettler, who ran for Illinois State Senate last year and lost. Mike Buhrow produced videos for Zettler’s Democratic campaign through his freelance video company, Edge Editorial, and appeared to have a camera bag slung over his shoulders when he and his son attacked Bennett in Iowa.

Ethan Buhrow was even listed as “going” on the Picnic With Pete Facebook event page. 

On his Facebook page, Buhrow has posted images in the same shirt he wore while assaulting Bennett and her crew, which read “No Body Is Illegal”.

Buhrow has also posted numerous photographs with Democratic politicians on social media, including Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder.

Buhrow made his Twitter account private after Bennett posted the video online, and ultimately deleted his account this morning. However, a cached version of his Twitter reveals that his Twitter bio read “all cops are class traitors and pigs.”

On his Twitter account, Buhrow frequently retweeted Democratic politicians and left-wing journalists. He also shared tweets from Antifa, a violent left-wing group that has been declared a terrorist organization by some states.

Bennett filed a police report with the Cedar Rapids Police Department, and they are currently seeking a warrant for Buhrow’s arrest.