McCarthy Was Right: There Were Communist Infiltrators in America!

To my mother, for teaching me to shy from no truth, no matter how controversial. Happy birthday!

You will not learn this in your public schools. You will not learn this in your private schools with leftist leanings. Simply put, the truth about leftism in America is available, but you yourself must seek it. Much of what you are about to read may seem revisionist, even sensationalist, but it is all true. Despite academia and the media’s assertion that Joseph McCarthy was a paranoid extremist, the truth is that there were at least several hundred active Soviet agents within the federal government, many of which were as high up as the State department and even served as advisors to FDR. In addition, many of these communists were instrumental in the establishment of the Word Bank, International Monetary Fund, and even the United Nations.

McCarthy was right. Communists had infiltrated the American government; but the communists who now dominate American education do not want you to know this.

Although this article will focus on the communist infiltration into the US government, much of this would not be possible were it not for the role the media, popular culture, and labor unions played in instilling sympathy for communism into the minds of the American people. From Isadora Duncan, Lincoln Steffens, John Dewey, Jane Addams, to a vast conglomerate of labor unions, Communist Sympathizers were everywhere. But perhaps the most egregious story was of one of the most trusted newspapers of the time, The New York Times, intentionally covering up Stalin’s genocide against the Ukrainians. Walter Duranty was the Moscow Bureau Chief from 1922 to 1936 for the New York Times. He was assigned with the task of reporting on the inner workings of the Soviet Union. Duranty went on to receive a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting.

But of course his reporting was not honest. Despite the clear evidence, Duranty reported “no famine or actual starvation nor is there likely to be” in the Soviet Union in November of 1932. At this point, millions had been deliberately starved in Ukraine by Stalin. This reporting only continued for the remaining four years Duranty spent in the Soviet Union. Years later, there were calls to revoke Duranty’s Pulitzer Prize. Those calls were, of course, ignored. Perhaps Duranty knew that no one would ever consider socialism as an option were the atrocious acts of the communists exposed.

Things get worse when one considers the fact that the communists had successfully become a part of the US Government. This will be the focus of the article from here on out. With the reveal of these cases, one could see the immense power of the war McCarthy waged to keep communists and agents of the Soviet Union out of the US Government. Much of the information provided here is readily accessible through the 1995 declassified Venona Project files.

The Venona files are Soviet messages US intelligence intercepted throughout the 1940s. As of now, it is confirmed that at least 350 Americans played an active role in Soviet espionage. This is an extremely conservative estimate since only about one in ten messages have been decoded. With this in mind, we could assume that more names are listed in the still encrypted messages. In addition, no one knows how many messages the US government failed to intercept. Ultimately, no one knows how many American communist sympathizers actively worked with the Soviet Union to bring about Communism in the US, but we can be certain that at least 350 were. But here are the stories of a few of the communists who managed to infiltrate the US Federal Government and impose policies that brought America closer to Communism.

Harry Dexter White, Assistant Secretary of Treasury, was a Soviet agent who used the code name “Jurist.” Not only was White the Assistant Secretary of Treasury, but he was instrumental in founding the World Bank, and was the first director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). White brought the Soviets one step closer to the establishment of world-wide communism through globalist central planning.

Alger Hiss, attendant of the Yalta Convention and legal assistant to the Nye Committee, was also convicted of perjury in connection to acts of espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union. The Nye Committee was another organization that was fully dedicated to the establishment of international governing organizations upon the end of WWII. Hiss ultimately played an instrumental role in the establishment of entities such as the UN.

Laurence Duggan, code named “Frank” and “19,” was in charge of US relations with South America during WWII and was the president of the Institute for International Education. Duggan was a Soviet spy from the 30s until his death. Information which he gave to the Soviets included classified battle strategies of the US Military.

Lauchlin Currie was an economic advisor to FDR. In this position, Currie devised of plans to strengthen the Federal Reserve through 100% reserve banking. Currie also played a major role in the establishment of several New Deal programs. Currie was always capable of whispering into FDR’s ear when Stalin felt America wasn’t becoming communist at a fast enough pace.

These four stories only scratch the surface of the immense effect the Soviets had on American policy through espionage. When someone claims that McCarthy was a crazy conspiracy theorist, they are further from the truth than McCarthy was. One could claim that McCarthy’s attack on Hollywood was too far, which would be debatable if only McCarthy had attacked Hollywood. Ultimately, Senator McCarthy was only concerned with communists that were working within the US government. The House of Representatives and the House Un-American Activities Committee, however, was concerned with every day citizens.

The truth of the matter is that the communists did infiltrate the US government. Communism isn’t Cool. Do not believe the lies that the communists were not actively attempting to overthrow capitalism and take over the US government to eliminate private property rights. All this information and more can be found with a simple Google Search. I encourage you to do your own research rather than believe your public school teachers bowing to the will of the State.