Meet The Team

Meet The Executive Team

Justin Moldow
Founder of

Justin is a graduate of Manhattan College, where he earned a BS in Marketing, and graduated at the top of his class with Magna Cum Laude honors. Justin’s academic achievements earned him ranks in the Mu Kappa Tau National Marketing Honors Society, as well as the Honor Society of Epsilon Sigma Pi. He is an ardent student of commerce and was the president of his school’s Entrepreneurship Club, as well as a founding father of Young Americans for Liberty at Manhattan College. Justin founded Liberty Hangout in February of 2015 as Young Jeffersonians, and utilized his marketing prowess to both network with prominent organizations and grow the site into a recognizable brand in the liberty movement. A man proud of his Italian, Spanish, and Jewish descent, Justin holds firm to values of his ancestors. He is an avid proponent of libertarian thought, as well as Austrian economics, and is a steadfast defender of liberty. Born and raised a Catholic, Justin’s politics are guided by his faith in Christ.

Kaitlin Bennett
Grassroots Director, Digital Content Producer, Founder of Liberty Hangout at Kent State

Kaitlin Bennett is a graduate of Kent State University, where she studied biology and was the founder of her college’s Liberty Hangout chapter. An outspoken conservative activist, Kaitlin has become a viral sensation and face of the gun rights movement after her graduation photos with an AR-10 went viral. Kaitlin has been featured on Fox and Friends, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, BBC, and other outlets across the world to discuss her activism to legalize campus carry in the US. She has been contacted by state representatives and members of the US Congress to work on campus carry legislation, and has been asked to speak at gun rallies across the country. A fierce proponent of the 2nd amendment, Kaitlin has no apologies for her activism and is the Grassroots Director of Liberty Hangout, helping bring Liberty Hangout chapters to universities across the United States. Kaitlin has mastered the art of going viral, and seeks to empower libertarians and conservatives to have the same voice as her on campus, and on social media. You can follow Kaitlin on Twitter @KaitMarieox, or like her Facebook page Kait’s Unsafe Space.

Michael Heil
Digital Production Manager, Social Media Manager, and Meme Extraordinaire

Michael Heil is a college student at Kent State University, where he is majoring in Digital Media Production and minoring in Political Science. He is also studying the presidency, executive bureaucracy, and Constitutional law. Michael is President of Liberty Hangout at Kent State University, and has his own outlandish editing style. Being one of very few conservatives within the School of Journalism at Kent State, he is known for being very outspoken about his political views. His dream is to create a super PAC funded by memes that will help push freedom loving American candidates into office.