Rashida Tlaib Calls For a $20 Minimum Wage

Image: Reuters

Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is now calling for a radical new proposal that may even be considered extreme in Democratic circles. Leftists have long claimed that their minimum wage hikes would stop at $15 an our, but the Congresswoman from Michigan wants to take it one step further.

Tlaib, a far-left liberal that is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, is now calling for a $20 minimum wage.

Tlaib called for this radical new idea at a dinner in Michigan hosted by labor rights group One Fair Wage.

Tlaib said, “Think about that for one minute. People cannot live on those kind of wages, and I can’t allow people to be living off tips, you know, relying on tips for wages. It’s just not enough to support our families. … By the way, when we started it, it should have been $15.”

She continued, “Now I think it should be $20 — make sure America Rising hears that,” she continued, to applause. “It should be $20 an hour — $18 to $20 an hour at this point. … They say all of this is going to raise the cost, but I can tell you, milk has gone up, eggs have gone up, everything has gone up. The cost of a lot of things that we need has gone up already.”

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