Twitter CEO Admits CNN Helped Get Alex Jones Banned

Earlier this afternoon, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was invited back as a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast to continue their discussion about censorship on the social media platform. Award winning independent journalist Tim Pool joined the show as well to grill into Dorsey for the blatant hypocrisy in Twitter’s enforcement of their terms of services.

A topic of frequent discussion surrounding social media censorship is the deplatforming of Alex Jones and InfoWars. Such was the case on Rogan’s latest podcast with Dorsey.

When Rogan asked why Jones was banned, Dorsey admit point-blank that CNN played a role in their decision to boot him from their platform.

“We got into a situation where suddenly a bunch of people were reporting content on our platform, including CNN who wrote an article about all the things that might violate our rules that we looked into, and we gave him one of the warnings.”

Twitter’s legal policy chief, Vijaya Gadde, doubled down on their decision to ban Jones, citing two such examples of how Jones violated Twitter’s terms of services. Her first example? “There was a video that was uploaded that showed a child being violently thrown to the ground and crying, so that was the first one.” However the video already went viral on social media long before Jones posted it, and he only did so because Forbes falsely accused him of being the man that shoved the child. No one but Jones faced a penalty for posting the viral video.

Gadde cited the following as her second reason why Jones was banned. “The second one was a video that we viewed as incitement of violence. I can read it to you, it’s a little bit of a transcript. ‘But now it’s time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag. I know the Justice Department’s crippled, a bunch of followers and cowards. But there’s groups, there’s grand juries, there’s — you called for it and it’s time politically and economically and judiciously and legally and criminally to move against these people. It’s got to be done now. Get together the people you know aren’t traitors, and aren’t cowards, and aren’t hedging their frickin’ bets like all these other assholes do, and let’s go, let’s do it.’ And then there’s a bunch of other stuff, but at the end, ‘They think they can really take down America. And this is it. So, people need to have their battle rifles and everything ready at their bedsides and you got to be ready because the media is so disciplined in their deception.'”

Rogan asked Gadde, “So this is, you’re saying this is a call to violence against the media?”

Gadde answered, “That’s what it sounded like to us at the time“, alluding they may no longer believe this is the case. Perhaps the reason for this is because in the full context of Jones’ show, he was not calling for violence against the media, but was instead urging President Trump to use the Grand Juries to legally go after the criminals in the deep state.