NJ Conservatives Organize Effort to Oust Communist Governor


Conservatives in New Jersey decided they have had enough of Democratic Governor Phil Murphy, and are now calling for his removal from office.

According to News 12 NJ, “A group of New Jersey women have organized an effort to remove Gov. Phil Murphy from office.

One of the organizers, Somerset County resident Terry Beck, told radio station New Jersey 101.5 that she and her fellow organizers started the effort after the governor raised taxes, enacted some policies that benefited undocumented immigrants, and passed more gun restrictions.”


The ladies will need approximately 1.5 million people to sign their petition (25% of registered voters in New Jersey), which will be no easy feat considering it won’t be an online petition. If they can accomplish this, the state will be forced to issue a recall election.

The women created a Facebook page called Recall Phil Murphy Petition for residents to stay up to date and get involved.


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