Nicholas Sandmann Gearing Up to Sue: Hires Legendary Libel Lawyer

Last weekend, Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann found himself at the forefront of a nationwide controversy, and all for doing nothing but smiling. (WATCH It’s Okay to Smirk: In Defense of Nicholas Sandmann)

The high schooler from Kentucky was on a field trip to attend the March for Life rally, when a group of Native American agitators approached Sandmann and his classmates. Nathan Phillips banged on a drum as another recorded. (READ Liberals Threaten to Boycott NBC for Interviewing Nicholas Sandmann)

Eventually, the video made its way to the internet, and lies quickly began to spread about the boys. It was said that they mocked the Natives, chanted “build the wall”, and shouted racial slurs.

But it turns out that none of this was true.

Sandmann did nothing but stand there and smile, but that didn’t stop the media and prominent leftists across the country from libeling Sandmann and unanimously declaring him the face of racism.

The Sandmann family is now gearing up to sue those who libeled the 16-year-old. WCPO Cincinnati reported earlier this evening that the Sandmann family has hired L. Lin Wood, who was nicknamed “the attorney for the damned” by CBS’ Dan Rather.

Family attorney Todd McMurtny said in a statement that Wood “is committed to bringing justice to 16-year-old Nick Sandmann and his family.”