Trump Needs to Deliver on His Promises to be Great in 2019

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Dear President Trump,

In the upcoming year, the Risk Factor is committed to contributing to the dialogue and activity responsible for empowering communities and changing lives. In this pursuit for equity, there are many dialogues to be had, and in real anticipation, even more to be developed.

Throughout this honest, driven conversation, we wholeheartedly pray that the language offered guides our great country in the ways necessary to allow for us all to mutually agree on moving our great star-spangled nation forward together.  Civic engagement from robust debates, dialogues, discussions, and activism are the heart of any community. And Mr. President, we come to you with some of our ideas for your third calendar year in office.

First, we want to see a continued reduction of our ever-expanding government.  To be full of liberty and happiness, we cannot keep with the mantra of big government in our lives and our pockets.  To make this happen, the IRS should be abolished.  With the abolition of the IRS, the following taxes will go with it: payroll, estate, gift, corporate, inheritance, property, gasoline, state income, capital gains, death, excise, import, home improvement, school, sin, road use and, pet. We want to propose a national sales tax where it will be fair and equitable.  Under such a model, everyone would pay his or her fair share based on consumption and what he or she uses.

The economy thrives when the people, not the government, have access to capital and resources.  People create jobs.  Opportunities are developed by the citizens, and they should be free to do such with limited government intrusion.

Secondly, the American healthcare system has been more life-threatening than the diseases many people suffer from.  This is because their claims for treatment are being denied by private healthcare insurance.  We know this story is familiar for many Americans.  They are paying very high premiums to get very minimum coverage, especially with the Affordable Health Care Act.  The government solved a problem by creating a new one.  Many feel universal healthcare is the solution.  However, we disagree because this would minimize the innovations in research, and there are not enough service providers.  Americans will no longer have quality treatments if there is a removal of capitalism from healthcare, because the rules of business and economics prevail.  Therefore, safety nets should exist like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protects bank accounts to protect chronically ill patients from claims denied.  The issue of healthcare provider shortages is another serious issue that will increase with healthcare for all.

The shortage of healthcare providers exists now, and adding more patients would be detrimental.  This means universal healthcare for all would provide no medical care at all.  A healthy healthcare system is holistic and covers all the needs of those who are both insured, and uninsured, as well as the needs of the providers. Therefore, a free market is necessary to have a growing healthcare system in order to meet consumer demand and correct the issues caused by prior government intrusions.  In conclusion, all Americans deserve healthcare, but quality healthcare is the byproduct of capitalism.

We also appreciate that you are getting the troops out of Afghanistan and Syria. However, as our Commander in Chief, we urge you to mobilize our military to protect our borders here at home. The United States is rapidly heading the way of the Roman Empire, and we will fall as a nation if we continue. We need to be an isolationist nation and not meddle in other nation’s affairs. It’s time to eliminate foreign aid and start addressing domestic matters, such as our crumbling infrastructure here in the United States. We can and should trade with other nations to ensure a prosperous economy, but we don’t need to have our military on other sovereign lands.

All in all, we want you to take a hard look with us on policies such as:

-The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965

-The Fair Housing Act

-The National Minority Purchasing Council; now the National Minority Supplier Development Council

-The mobilizing activities of governments and private industry for the creation of jobs and entrepreneurship

-The OEO

-Conner v Graham (use of force)

We will be conducting an independent review of the following items and will share our findings with you to develop policy solutions.

Thank you for your time Mr. President, and we are committed to being partners with you for a better America.


Kevin Boyer
Chad Chapman

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