Americans Should Rely on the 2nd Amendment for Protection, not the Government

In our society, the public values the feelings of protection and security in high regard.  Who wouldn’t?  We all want to be able to leave our homes and come back safely.  We enjoy being able to roam freely without fear of criminal activity preying on us, but all of this comes at a high opportunity cost. 

The opportunity cost is one that places us all at unnecessary risk and danger.  The adage of ‘a good guy with a gun stops abad guy with a gun’ may not necessarily ring true anymore.  At my previous employer, I was an armed security officer.  Two weeks ago, I almost became a victim of a possible police shooting on the property where I patrolled.  A high-speed chase took place on the property, and I wanted to make sure everything was okay and go into action to protect our client’s customers. As I was actively trying to get a glimpse of things, I was told by a police officer to get down on the ground and comply with their demands.  So I complied. 

I was then promptly cuffed and asked pointed questions about the incident. Sadly, my jacket matched the description of the individual they were pursuing, but as they continued to look, they saw I was armed security.  I was apologized to and immediately let go.  I made it out alive, but a fallen armed security guard in Hoover, Alabama was not so lucky.

E.J. Bradford, Jr., who attempted to save countless lives, was shot by the police during a mass shooting incident at the mall. Jemel Robinson, another security guard, became a victim while doing his job.  Security guards are in the business of observing, reporting, and preventing.  When one becomes an armed guard, they are also in the business of stabilizing a scene until law enforcement arrives to take over. In other words, we are supposed to be on the same team.

In regards to the Bradford situation, Alabama has a state law that prohibits concealed carry inside of a shopping mall.  If he hadl ived, there could have been the possibility of criminal charges, but officials continue to investigate the case, and I am sure his family will file wrongful death litigation against all parties involved. Charles Cobb authored the book, ‘This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get YouKilled,’ and within it, he called for black people to bear arms.  Cobb notates significant incidents involving black men and women who used guns to fight off racial terrorism.  As black people stood up, the white establishment had no choice but to respect them.

Furthermore,the book highlights one case involving C.O. Chinn, as the sheriff deemed him to be one of two ‘bad sons of bitches in the county’ along with himself.  It is important for black people to embrace the second amendment, learn how to operate their weapons, and learn the law. Police cannot be everywhere all the time. We cannot afford it.

In many states, the Office of Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county.   The sheriff is often the most powerful elected official in the county and one of the most powerful in the entire state.  I would recommend you read up on your state constitution about the sheriff powers in your area. We have way too many police departments, and the crime rate is not reflecting the amount of investment made by us as taxpayers.  The sheriff’s office is mandated by the state, and if neighborhoods want more efficient patrols, then they should invest in private security. 

I am a firm believer of a ‘user pays’ system, which would eliminate the need for excessive policing.  In the land of the free, we should not be overburned with being overpoliced.  It is time to embrace our second amendment rights, the power of the sheriff, and start protecting ourselves.  We do not need more government. We need less government. 

As with anything, too much is not good for you. Public safety is the biggest line item in the budget, and we need to do our part to reduce the co-dependency.   

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