Swalwell Isn’t the Only Democrat to Call for Bombing Gun Owners

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Yesterday, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) made a shockingly stupid statement, even for Democrat standards, when he suggested that the government use nuclear weapons on gun owners who refuse to disarm. His tweets received an incredible level of backlash from conservatives online, and left many scratching their heads wondering if Swalwell is fit to serve public office after making such statements.

However it turns out that Swalwell is not the only Democrat to suggest using military action against those who resist gun control.

In February of this year, former Secretary of State of Missouri, Jason Kander, issued similar sentiments on Twitter. He responded to a tweet which argued that the 2nd amendment was written in case the people have to go to war with their government by saying, “That kinda went out the window when the ‘government’ figured out how to drop bombs from airplanes but ok.”

For those who claim to have come to their position on guns out of an opposition to violence, Democrats sure do seem to have an obsession with wishing war on their own country if they won’t give up their guns.

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