Iowa State University Censors Conservative Speech, Erases Pro Steve King Chalkings

By: Ian Turn

On Thursday, November 1st, several student organizations: the College Democrats, Society for the Advancement of Gender Equality, and one member of Young Democratic Socialists, of Iowa State University protested Iowa Congressional incumbent, Steve King.  In response, a group of Iowa State College Republicans tabled in the same area, supporting King.  Aside from the typical professor calling a group of Republicans of different races Nazis and racists, megaphone chanting against hate, the KKK, and fascist USA, and other typical protest events, the two groups meeting didn’t create much trouble on campus.

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Although there were no serious conflicts that arose during the protest, later that same night members of the College Republicans at ISU continued to represent themselves by writing chalk slogans in the school’s free speech zone and central campus supporting Steve King, Donald Trump, the GOP, and the USA.  These chalkings are not uncommon for ISU’s campus, as with many other school campuses, and it is within school policy to allow free speech to be upheld in this manner. However, many people, including the school itself, decided this policy would not be upheld.

At approximately 1:00 A.M. Alex Connor, the new editor of ISU’s newspaper, the Iowa State Daily, found the chalking and tweeted pictures of them, relating them to the recent protest. While these tweets weren’t written in any biased way, it is possible that the tweets generated negative publicity, because by morning many of these chalkings were either ruined by having water poured on them, or even by spray painted over. College Democrats issued a statement addressing the events, claiming they had not participated in any anti-King chalking or other similar events, and that any of these actions committed on campus were by other student groups.

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Now, it isn’t uncommon for this kind of response against Republicans on a college campus today. What is really concerning is the school’s reaction to these chalkings. Rather than address chalking, contact the College Republicans, or taking other actions to raise awareness of so-called “hate speech” as many have called it, they instead decided to erase all wrong-thinking. The school itself decided the best course of action would be to get out their power washers and street sweepers, and destroy any of the Republican’s chalking they found. This is even worse when considering the majority of these were in the school’s self-titled “Free Speech Zone”. Iowa State University won’t even uphold the 1st Amendment in the zone on campus that is specifically set aside for it. And the university has yet to give any reason as to why they erased these messages.

This shows the pure hypocrisy coming from campus leftists. The day before, a protest was held over the same politicians supported in these chalkings, but no campus security was sent to deny their right to free speech. Over the past week, chalkings had been made across campus, some being pro-life/anti-abortion, and others being pro-choice/pro-abortion, none of which were attacked by the school. And only a couple days before the protest, chalking was placed to slander Congressman King as a white supremacist and neo-Nazi in the same location as the Republican’s chalking.

But the only chalkings the school has gone through the trouble of erasing are the ones that they don’t agree with, and they’re entirely fine with ignoring their own standards and the standards of their country. This has been seen on many other campuses, but this is a clear example that campus leftists do not care about the Constitution, or holding their own ideals, and are willing to silence anything and anyone they don’t agree with.

The liberal biases that exist on campus are no myth and threaten conservative speech and free speech alike. Anyone on the right is an enemy of their school’s bias, and will be thrown under the bus by these same groups when it is deemed necessary. For those in college, or those preparing to enter college, these are the things you need to be prepared for, because attempts to be political could easily end in similar situations.

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