Illinois School District to Hire Armed Security Guards

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Retired police officers in a Chicago suburb will soon be coming out of retirement to help keep school districts more secure.

According to Fox News, “A school district in Chicago’s northwestern suburbs is moving forward with a plan to fill clerical roles with armed retired police officers who will also be available to increase school security.”

Roughly 13,000 students reside in the school district. They will surely be 13,000 of the safest students in the United States.

The move didn’t come without criticism, however. Gun control advocates are incensed by the moved. A district support employee was quoted as saying, “Our office staff have a multitude of responsibilities and care very deeply for the children in their charge. The chance for accidental discharge of a firearm in a school, in my opinion, is far too high a risk and outweighs any benefits of having that gun in the building.”

Even though 98% of mass shootings since 1950 have been in gun free zones, the gun grabbing left won’t stop until the whole country is one big gun free zone. They never cared a thing about children, and will stop at nothing to promote their socialist agenda.

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