AntiFa Mob Swarms Tucker Carlson’s Residence

Image: Forbes

By Dallas Hansen

Wednesday night, as Tucker Carlson was out doing his job, his home was under siege by an AntiFa mob while his wife was at home alone.

Calling themselves Smash Racism DC, the splinter cell, estimated to number about 20, live-Tweeted their coordinated terroristic action as they nearly broke down the front door, shouted demands for Mr. Carlson to leave town and in one recorded instance talked up bringing a pipe bomb while his horrified wife trapped herself in the pantry and dialed 911.

No arrests were made, but the group’s Twitter account—which disseminated Mr. Carlson’s home address along with that of fellow pundits Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Mr. Carlson’s business partner Neil Patel—was suspended even as its Facebook page remains active.

Their issue? Mr. Carlson’s recent critique of the Central American migrant caravan, thousands strong headed north through Mexico with an eye on crashing the US border, and his support of President Trump’s recent deployment of the military to secure the porous international boundary. Because racism, of course. White supremacy. And—you guessed it—even patriarchy.

“No borders! No wall! No USA at all!” they shouted on this picturesque tree-lined street in a residential neighborhood of the nation’s capital. They even went so far as to spray paint a Circle-A in his driveway.

If it weren’t already clear, these deranged leftists are agitating for a position that’s become increasingly doctrinaire for the Democratic Party: open borders, free migration and the erasure of national sovereignty. This is much more than protest. This is terrorism and sedition.

Days earlier on their Facebook page, Smash Racism DC reposted a meme of Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty—whom the left are trying to appropriate as a counterpart to the right’s Pepe the Frog—with the caption “Soon the ruling class will wish for the days when we merely ruined their dinners.” Words especially fitting considering Tucker Carlson had recently been quoted as being lately unable to dine out in DC owing to issues with restaurant hecklers. Who’ve now progressed to surprise-visit threats of home invasion and even bombings.

Lacy MacAuley—a self-described “dreamer, activist, writer, martial artist, kayaker, dancer, hula hooper, poet, intellectual, and media relations professional” and feminist who in 2016 posted a selfie while wearing a hijab—is a well-known DC AntiFa organizer whose account on Twitter remains active despite an apparent connection to the incident at Chez Carlson, which she described as “brave.”

It seems to me that if you are upset by someone’s work, the place to protest would be their workplace, not their private home. Holding signs and shouting outside the Fox News building would be a reasonable response to displeasure with their programming. Alternatively, AntiFa could opt out of watching it altogether. But showing up at his house to instill fear and intimidation? That is crossing a line.

While DC police investigate the incident as a hate crime, Smash Racism DC showed no contrition and even doubled down in a Facebook post (since deleted) titled “Fascists are vulnerable. Confront them at their homes!” in which Trump and Carlson, along with Ms. Coulter, were blamed for the recent mail bombs sent to Democrats as well as the horrific incident at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, in which 11 people were murdered by an angry lunatic. Apparently their rhetoric had “demonized” others, and did they mention Mr. Carlson’s popularity over at The Daily Stormer?

While stalker-magnet celebrities such as Drake and Kim and Kanye hide in the Los Angeles outskirts gated community of Hidden Hills, Mr. Carlson resides in a normal, albeit prosperous, city community in northwest DC, a mere 20-minute commute from his job at Fox News.

In fact, I was already familiar with Mr. Carlson’s home (purchased last year for $3.9 million) as I find it an interesting pastime to peer into the lifestyles of those I admire—in this case a man who’s reached the pinnacle of media success through consistent hard work, despite some failures along the way. What impressed me is that he was one of the world’s most famous conservatives, living in one of America’s most liberal cities, and weeks ago it had already occurred to me that AntiFa types might target it for vandalism—or worse.

Mr. Carlson, by contrast, seemed not to share my paranoia. Footage from the mob action shows two cars left in the driveway outside the garage, but henceforward he might want to park the fleet inside. Just a six-minute walk from the nearest WMATA bus stop, which is how I can only assume AntiFa arrived, even after this horrific incident Mr. Carlson remains sufficiently comfortable at home that he has no intention of moving.

The urban conservative might be a minority, but we must stand our ground. When an AntiFa mob shows up at your door demanding you “leave town,” and you do just that, they win.

If anything, it’s time for suburban conservatives, dwelling on the city’s fringes to avoid the widespread mental illness that is Cultural Marxism, to consider relocating to urban neighborhoods so as to enrich liberal cities with a diversity of thought and opinion.