Social Distortion Vocalist Repeatedly PUNCHES Trump-Supporting Fan

Image: Getty Images

CBS Sacramento has reported that there is a police investigation into an altercation between frontman Mike Ness of Social Distortion and a Trump-supporting fan of his at a concert that turned political. 

The fan, Tim Hildebrand, protested by holding up the middle finger for two whole songs after Ness began “badmouthing” the president and America in general. At which point, the fist of the outraged vocalist met the face of the Republican farmer. Hildebrand claims he has been listening to the band’s music his whole life and never would have expected to leave with two black eyes, a concussion, and a busted lip at the hands of the frontman when he went to see them live.

“Someone that has the status that he does shouldn’t get away with assaulting someone,” he stated.

Anti-American rhetoric has become common in the latest music released by bands such as Bad Religion and OTEP. Pearl Jam recently shared a show poster depicting the White House burning and the president’s corpse lying outside of it. Eminem did a freestyle rap video condemning Trump awhile back.

Genres such as rap, heavy metal, and punk rock are supposed to be counterculture. Artists who hold the same opinion as the media, academics, and establishment politicians are lame by definition.

Music is yet another form of entertainment that is being ruined by political correctness and Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Joshua Speer

Joshua Speer is a student of international business at Eastern Kentucky University. His work as an author focuses on promoting socially conservative values, debunking leftist propaganda, exposing historical revisionism, and making the case for limited government.