George Washington Will Be the Left’s Next Target to Purge from History

Image: Richmond Times-Dispatch

By Dallas Hansen

From New Orleans to Memphis to St. Louis—and many places in between—the past couple of years have seen Confederate monuments and statues honoring war dead fall to the screeching demands of outraged leftists.

The response from so-called moderates? A collective shrug. Losers and traitors!” they said. Confederates are one thing. But surely our Founding Fathers will always remain sacrosanct, right?


Down in Texas, of all places, the city of Austin is messing with the idea of renaming their rapidly liberalizing burg, as its namesake, Stephen F. Austin, known as the “father of Texas”—and who died 25 years before the Civil War—had voiced opposition to ending slavery.

So why stop there?

If we stay on this trajectory, you’ll be hearing loud and organized support—amplified by left sympathizers in the mainstream media—for a total rebranding of Washington, DC, Washington state, and countless small locales around the country bearing his name. At the very least, they’ll insist on renaming all such places in honor of Chicago’s first black mayor Harold Washington.

Think I’m exaggerating? The first president didn’t just support laws enforcing slavery—he had over 300 of them at Mount Vernon. By leftist logic, it only makes sense to start scrubbing him from public squares, school names, placenames, and anywhere else they can purge him. That’s when you no longer have a United States of America.

Our progressive neighbor to the north (I was born and raised in Winnipeg) is always a barometer of the forthcoming SJW agenda. This week in Victoria—British Columbia’s quaint capital—mayor Lisa Helps ordered a statue of John A. Macdonald to be taken down.

If you’re not Canadian, you’ll be forgiven for not recognizing the name but Sir John A. was the George Washington of Canada. Not only was he the first prime minister when the country was birthed in 1867, but he initiated the incredibly ambitious undertaking of uniting the country with a transcontinental railway that would by 1885 connect Montréal with Vancouver. Today, his face adorns the $10 bill.

Did he own slaves? No. Slavery was never legal in the Dominion of Canada, and the country was well-known as a destination for escaped slaves seeking freedom.

In a bold act of virtue-signaling, Ms. Helps pulled the statue as a gesture of “reconciliation” to the area’s Native tribes. She noted that Sir John A. was a “key architect” of Canada’s residential school system, which aimed to force-integrate Native children through the adoption of European culture while purging the language, attire, and ways of their ancestors.

But even high-profile Natives such as Jonathan Hamel, the intergovernmental affairs coordinator for the Native Council of Prince Edward Island, would rather the statue stay put as a reminder of what happened.

Wasn’t that also the point of the Confederate monuments?

No matter. The deranged left demands a total obliteration of everyone and everything they disagree with. If you don’t believe the next target will be George Washington, just wait and see.

First it was Christopher Columbus. Which was easy enough to get away with, as he pre-dated America’s founding by quite some time. New York City’s Columbus Circle would likely be renamed and missing one statue by now were it not for a stalwart defense by Italian-Americans, including NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Then it was the Confederates—traitors and enslavers. And anyone who tried speaking up for the retention of these historical symbols was publicly branded as a racist, or even a Nazi.

When they come for George Washington—and they will—the left will not only expose themselves as the Cultural Marxists that they are, but they’ll lose. Big league.

Regular Americans, when pushed too far, have a tendency to wake with the ferocity of a sleeping dog poked with a stick. Hence why the electorate refused to be hoodwinked into a President Hillary Clinton.

If they think they can 1984 George Washington, they had better be ready for 1776.