Jacksonville Shooter Was Part of Anti-Trump Resistance

Image: WWLP-22 News

David Katz, 24, from Baltimore opened fire Sunday afternoon during a video game tournament at a Chicago Pizza in Jacksonville, Florida. Killing two and injuring a dozen others, before taking his own life.

It appears this guy was part of the anti-Trump resistance, and ranted about his supporters being “Trumptards” who are “mentally challenged” on the social media.

He has also posted before about Americans, as a collective, being “retarded”.

Does this mean that the left at large will be expected by the media to disavow until their faces turn blue like the right would have to if it was someone who shared our politics? Of course not.

It certainly did not take long for the liberal hypocrites in the media to politicize the deaths, after lecturing people about how deaths shouldn’t be politicized, with NBC tweeting about the state needing to do something about gun violence. We all know what that means.

Joshua Speer

Joshua Speer is a student of international business at Eastern Kentucky University. His work as an author focuses on promoting socially conservative values, debunking leftist propaganda, exposing historical revisionism, and making the case for limited government.