Jacksonville Mass Shooting Was In a Gun Free Zone

On August 26 afternoon, a mass shooting took place in Jacksonville, Florida. During a sport video game tournament, a gunman opened fire against the players. Media outlets are speculating that at least three have been killed.

According to Sheriff Mike Williams, the murderer has been killed and the injured have been transported to the hospital.

In lights of the latest news, liberals, leftists and other pro gun control activists decided to take advantage of the situation. For example, CNN tried to interview a victim just moments after he was shot.

Moreover, if you search tweets with “gun control” terms, you will see thousands of liberals on social media rallying against our 2nd amendment right to self-defense. However, what they won’t tell you is that the shooting took place in a gun free zone.

The following screenshot is taken right from The Landing’s Rules of Conducts.

The Parkland (February 2018), San Bernardino (December 2015) and Orlando Gay Pub (June 2016) shootings likewise took place in gun free zones, as have 98% of all mass shootings since 1950. Murderers does not find anything easier than a defenseless individual or group of people.

But progressives will try to take it out on innocent people again. They want America to become Europe, even when it comes to weapons. Europeans are used to the State as the only body able to protect them, and the left won’t stop until they achieve that same goal.