The Government Is Now Censoring Alex Jones Too: FCC Pulls Radio Station

Image: InfoWars

Things keep going from bad to worse for Alex Jones and InfoWars, and despite whether you support Jones or not, anyone should be alarmed that the government has the power to erase you from the internet.

To recap: InfoWars has been ousted by Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, etc., and their site was hit by a cyber attack on Tuesday; even Twitter banned him temporarily. In recent news, the Federal Communications Commission has fined and shut down one of Jones’s flagship radio stations known as Liberty Radio. Apparently, they had “functioned without a license since at least 2013” and “had been transmitting from a tower at an Austin apartment complex.”

While it’s plausible that the FCC simply wanted to “enforce licensing laws and collect the money owed,” why right now? It seems a little too convenient that the dominos keep falling in secession. Also, the evils of licensing laws, especially regarding the effects they have on minorities, don’t need to be expanded upon here—Walter Williams has done extensive research on this topic. The unconstitutionality of three-letter departments has also been widely researched.

Let’s back up though. The argument thus far has been that “private companies have a right to censor who they want on their sites,” and fair enough, but what we’re witnessing now is a government censorship campaign in the works. My personal theory is this: the State, along with its cronies, are attempting to put InfoWars in a situation where they cannot recover from by draining them of their resources and capital.

Something has got to give here. Either the FCC will use its powers to enact censorship of any media outlet to the left of Elizabeth Warren, or the people of this country will say they’ve had enough of this tyranny and refuse to give in to the thought controllers.  If we don’t speak out again this, then we shouldn’t be surprised when they pull the cord on the InfoWars site itself. Remember that the goal here isn’t to force them onto another platform, but instead to pressure any platform or radio station that sponsors them into submitting to demands of our overlords. This is tyranny in action.