CNN Tries to Interview Mass Shooting Victim Minutes After He’s Shot

Roughly two hours ago, a mass shooting shook the city of Jacksonville, Florida, as a gunman opened fire on a video game tournament at GLHF Game Bar. According to sources, at least four are dead and 11 were injured.

The dramatic scene was caught on livestream, as the Madden tournament was livestreamed to the gaming website Twitch.

Viewer discretion advised

A 19 year old professional gamer named Drini Gjoka was shot in the thumb, tweeting his experience to his followers in the moments following the shooting.

CNN wasted no time letting the teenager recuperate from his harrowing experience, and reached out to Gjoka for an interview just minutes after getting shot and witnessing four of his friends dying.

The fake news network is more concerned with capitalizing on a shooting to promote their gun control agenda than they are in letting a teenage victim of a mass shooting heal from his immediate experience. Creating the next David Hogg is more important than decency.

No wonder their ratings are garbage.