Kansas Guberantorial Candidate Displays Machine Gun Replica in Parade, Leftist Tears Flow

Kris Kobach, a GOP Candidate for Governor of Kansas, has made headlines after he refused to apologize for displaying a replica machine gun at a parade in Shawnee, Kansas. Kobach responded to the far-left hysterics: “The outrage over the replica gun on the back of a patriotic jeep is the left trying to attack guns and your #2A rights. I will not back down in the face of a snowflake meltdown and outrage culture.”

The outrage is coming from people with an irrational fear of weapons. Although Kobach hurt no one with his display, the violent Left would love to strip you of your gun rights. Many made the claim that machine guns are not protected by the 2nd Amendment, but this issue goes beyond that. You have the right to bear arms whether the governement recognizes it or not. The government has no role telling you how you may or may not defend yourself.

Despite the far left attempting to defame Kobach, he is standing up to them. Because of this, the people should praise him for standing up to the anti-gun lobby. Kobach’s support for gun rights is what we need right now, and we hope to see more people standing up for this right in politics. Because of people like Kobach, we are able to promote a culture that values the right to bear arms. For this reason, we support people like Kris Kobach. We also hope that you will get involved and help promote our natural rights through activism like this.