Sorry Merkel, The United States isn’t Your Personal Army

Image Credits:AAP 

Hours ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel angrily said that Europe can no longer rely on the United States to protect it. She even went a step further calling for European countries to act together to protect themselves. “It is no longer such that the United States simply protects us, but Europe must take its destiny in its own hands. That’s the task of the future,” she said during a speech honoring French President Emmanuel Macron.

This isn’t the first time Merkel has taken swipes at the United States for not doing what she wants.  Last year at an election rally, Merkel told Europeans that Europe can no longer rely on the United States and United Kingdom anymore. These remarks came shortly after Trump accused NATO countries of not contributing their fair share of their GDP to the alliance.

Merkel is definitely bothered by Trump’s remarks and dedication to his America First policy. Unlike with Obama who was without a doubt a globalist minded president, Trump’s number one concern is the well being of the American people. I’m not saying everything Trump has done has been peachy keen. Let’s not forget this is the same president that bombed Syria before investigators could even conclude if Syria actually used chemical weapons on its people. That being said, Trump doesn’t bow to globalism the way previous presidents have and Merkel needs to get over it.

The United States never signed a doctrine proclaiming it to be Merkel’s police force, the United States is a sovereign nation. Leaders of sovereign nations are generally elected to not just represent the people of the nation but also to act in the nation’s best interests. This includes pulling out of bad agreements.

Just last year Iran was boasting about their ability to mass produce nuclear centrifuges and this year they’ve been caught hiding the details about their weapons systems and development. They even moved crucial files for building weapons of mass destruction to hide them from inspectors which has been confirmed by the white house. At best, the only thing that can be said about Iran is that they’re not trustworthy and their actions are suspicious. This is more than enough of a reason for any country to not want to give Iran billions of dollars to continue hiding crucial information about a program Iran was supposed to suspend.

Merkel needs to realize that she’s the Chancellor of Germany and not the President of the United States. If the United States doesn’t want to involve themselves in foreign affairs they have no business in, they shouldn’t have to. The United States shouldn’t have to bomb Syria or stay in the Iran deal just because she wants it. Trump has made it clear that Merkel will have to find a new guinea pig to police the world with and hopefully she won’t.


Joseph is a 23 year old Conservative Libertarian. He is the current President and a founding father of the Turning Point USA chapter and secretary of the College Republicans chapter at the University of Connecticut. Joseph is very passionate about defending free speech and promoting both libertarian and conservative causes on college campuses and beyond.