The Royal Wedding isn’t worth Celebrating

Image Credits: PA

Stop worshiping the state and all its bizarre characters. 

Its that time of the year again where the British royal family makes headlines around the world for being a drain on the taxpayer’s dollar. This year’s festivities concentrated around the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The wedding cost about 43 MILLION dollars. That’s right, the state sponsored wedding cost taxpayers a whopping some of money. This money could have went to pretty much anything else. In the best case scenario sent back to the taxpayers themselves but that’s not what happened. Instead we got several hours of state worship programming.

Taxation is theft, state sponsored weddings are theft too.


Joseph is a 23 year old Conservative Libertarian. He is the current President and a founding father of the Turning Point USA chapter and secretary of the College Republicans chapter at the University of Connecticut. Joseph is very passionate about defending free speech and promoting both libertarian and conservative causes on college campuses and beyond.