BREAKING: Armed Hero Stops Would Be Mass Shooter in Illinois

Mark Dallas, a school resource officer, shot a gunman in Dixon, Illinois. A former student opened fire in a high school gym where seniors were practicing for their graduation ceremony when the officer shot the 19 year old in the shoulder.

The shooter was met by Dallas just after 8 a.m. local time when he opened fire on the officer. Multiple rounds were fired by the suspect. No one other than the shooter was injured.

Danny Langloss, a parent of one of the seniors and a City Administrator, said, “We’re lucky the officer was there. His brave actions saved a lot of lives.”

All of the schools were placed on lock down and then students were safely released back to their parents.

This story is similar to a would be mass shooting in Maryland in March where a school resource officer, Blaine Gaskill, confronted a student who fired on two other students, killing on of them. The officer shot the shooter’s hand, and then a self inflicted gunshot wound killed the suspect.

There has been a lot of controversy in how officers respond to school shootings after the Parkland incident where sheriffs refused to enter the building while shooting was taking place. Thankfully this officer made the right decision.