BREAKING: 7 Dead in Mass Shooting in Gun Controlled Australia

At least seven are dead after a shooting in Osmington, West Australia. Horrifically, most of the victims were children, with reports noting that four children and two adults were found dead at the scene. The ages of the children have not been revealed. This is the worst mass shooting in Australia in 22 years.

As the details unfold, a quick look at the history regarding guns in Australia is imperative, especially considering Australia is touted as being a safe haven on account of its strict gun control.

On April 28, 1996 the Porth Arthur massacre occurred in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia; 35 died and 24 were wounded. The National Firearms Agreement that sprang out of the aftermath of the attack was intended to curb these attacks. The language of the Executive Summary alone was extremely telling:

“Firearms license applicants would be required to take a safety course and show a “genuine reason” for owning a firearm, which could not include self-defense.”

The goal was clear: to make the State the Australian citizen’s caregiver and their self-defense mechanism. Gun buybacks, which have always been an abysmal failure, were used to further de-weaponize the people.

Yet gun crime in Australia has been on the rise. According to this graph below from the Crime Statistics Agency, firearm offenses have spiked since 2011 especially. Other reports note startling statistics such as that “There have been at least 99 shootings in the past 20 months – more than one incident a week since January 2015” and “Known criminals were caught with firearms 755 times last year, compared to 143 times in 2011:

In short, this mass shooting will most likely end with less freedom in the hands of the Australian citizens, and more power in the hands of tyrants; if this tragedy were to be honestly assessed, it is clearly a failure of government.