Student Group Helps Liberty Republican Win Texas House Nomination

Young Americans for Liberty has landed a remarkable victory on March 7th, 2018 by helping Mayes Middleton obtain the Republican nomination for Texas District 23 State House. Middleton is a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-liberty candidate who has supported his family through his successful small business. Due to his experience in business, Middleton is an avid supporter of low taxes and free markets. But Middleton is just the beginning for Young Americans for Liberty’s campaign to Make Liberty Win.

Young Americans for Liberty launched Operation Win At The Door with the intention of finding candidates who are not only grounded in the principles of liberty, but are also viable for the cause, and getting them elected to public office so that they may change policy throughout the US to make the world a freer place. Cliff Maloney, Jr., the Executive Director of Young Americans for Liberty, claims that the goal of Operation Win At The Door is to knock on more than 1,000,000 doors for 30 candidates in 2018 alone.

This program has an incredible amount of potential. Despite running against a well-funded big government incumbent, all it took for Young Americans for Liberty to get Mayes Middleton the nomination was 14 dedicated activists who knocked on 25,540 doors for this libertarian-leaning candidate. Now that Middleton has won the nomination, it is incredibly likely that he will be an elected official come January of 2019.


Unlike organizations who focus on making the perfect the enemy of the good and putting all of their resources into impossible causes, Young Americans for Liberty has changed the game by focusing on one thing and one thing alone: the pursuit of a more libertarian society. While our goal is clearly the establishment of a purely libertarian society, Young Americans for Liberty realizes that this fight will take time. But with people like Maloney and Justin Greiss, YAL’s Director of Mobilization, leading the fight for the cause of peace and prosperity, we will win.

In a comment to Liberty Hangout, Greiss said that “The team of 14 door knockers, led by former YAL state chair Stuart Hench, embody what it means to be a YAL leader. These activists worked around the clock to ensure we would successfully Make Liberty Win on election night. I’m thrilled with their work ethic and commitment to effectively spreading the ideas of Liberty.

But as mentioned, this is just the beginning, and you want to be a part of this fight. You can get paid to help the next Ron Paul get into office by going to and signing up to carry the torch for liberty in future campaigns.