Facebook Censors Republican Senate Candidate… Again

Facebook has banned liberty Republican Senate candidate Austin Petersen AGAIN after he announced his second AR-15 giveaway. Last fall the Missourian was banned for a similar giveaway. Petersen’s ban gained national attention last time and it even caused Facebook to rescind the ban early after acknowledging nothing was wrong. So, what changed?

In this most recent live stream, Petersen did not show the weapon, but instead a (horrible) drawing of the AR-15 that would be given away. Facebook is out of excuses. Nothing Petersen said or showed violated the website’s policies. Last time, it was considered a “mistake”. They do not have the liberty of saying that again. There is a war against libertarian and conservative views and Facebook is making no secret of it.

Of course, Facebook is a private organization and has the right to do as they see fit. It would be safe to say Petersen along with other libertarians do not want any government involvement in this case. That being said, it is convenient for them to ban a candidate they disagree with while their COO donated the maximum $5,400 to his opponent, Claire McCaskill.

While Facebook says they are focusing on stopping Russian bots from influencing the 2018 midterms, are they themselves influencing the election in Missouri? It would appear so.

If something as harmless as a poorly drawn gun can get a Senate candidate banned, what else is Facebook doing behind the scenes to lesser-known libertarians and conservatives?

Hopefully this will spark more conservative backlash and Petersen’s account will be active soon. Until then, sign up for a free AR-15 here!

You can also view Petersen’s live stream here on YouTube