Libertarian Party Convention Coordinator: “Ron Paul is a lousy executive”

Earlier in the week, the Libertarian Party rejected Ron Paul a speaking gig at their 2018 national convention. Paul was invited by the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus, who planned on footing his speaking costs to ensure that the Libertarian National Committee wouldn’t have to pay a dime.

Still, however, the LP Convention Coordinator Daniel Hayes chose to reject Ron Paul because “He has no idea what the LP represents.”

After news of his decision broke on Thursday, Hayes recorded a 48 minute livestream on Facebook, explaining his decision.

Hayes expounded,

“I’ll always think Ron Paul is a great statesman. He did a lot to advance the ideas of liberty for a lot of us. He’s the one that brought me. But at the end of the day I had to face reality. Ron Paul is a lousy executive.”

He continued,

“If you need more evidence of that, look at what happened regarding those newsletters that were supposedly racist that used his name. He’s been known to allow people to utilize his brand and make use of the grassroots for their own enrichment.”

He later accused Ron and Rand Paul of supporting Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia’s 2013 gubernatorial race to keep the LP off the ballot in Virginia.

“Rand and Ron came in and were helping Cuccinelli and I think that was with the intention of making sure the LP didn’t get traction, because they were concerned about having people there to support Rand in the GOP in Virginia, etc., so I think it was about keeping them on the wagon.”

Providing his own theory for the Pauls’ endorsement of Cuccinelli, Hayes said, “Ron Paul has worked in his own interests or Rand’s interests.”

Hayes also provided his own theory for why the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus wished to bring Ron Paul to the convention. He believes it is a political ploy to try to oust the current leadership. Hayes also believes the caucus is neither happy nor unhappy with the leadership and their direction of the party, despite their repeated grievances of such. Instead, he is of the mindset that the LP Mises Caucus simply wants power for themselves.

“There’s been some organizations and I see a coalition of groups and people that are coming together that do not like the current leadership. Not necessarily so much because of what the leadership has done and how successful it’s been, or not successful, but basically because other people always want to be in charge… There’s a lot of political opportunism that’s going on here.”

Changing gears, Hayes brought up the controversies surrounding LNC Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra. Despite making comments justifying pedophilia, Hayes does not believe Vohra should be removed from his position.

“Unless there’s some real actual violation of someone’s rights and aggression on them, we are not going to vote to suspend somebody because of what they say, almost no matter how bad it is. Someone’s trying to express ideas and it might be bad, but when you start doing that, that could potentially chill speech, and then it starts the circular firing squad going even farther. Once the guillotine tastes blood, it is not satisfied.”

It is strange that Hayes thinks Ron Paul has no idea what the LP represents, but is perfectly okay with Vohra representing the party. Even more odd, Hayes took issue with the Mises Caucus supporting the creation of rules to purge people from the party, while simultaneously wielding the power to oust Paul from speaking at the national convention.

“Making rules that purge people from the party is a bad idea. That’s authoritarianism.

The Mises Caucus, they want to purge people. PURGE. We don’t have enough people as is, they want to throw people out. Think about those that would be king, and really question what they’re doing, what they’re saying.”

Hayes also stated, “I serve at the will of the delegates,” which would infer that either the delegates also do not want Paul to speak at the convention, or he is not doing his job.

Getting back on the topic of Paul, Hayes said,

“From the start I was not that interested in having Ron Paul speak. We had him do a video address in 2016. If Ron wants to speak, show up. If you’re that interested in the Libertarian Party, show up. But I was really lukewarm, like one of those articles said.”

Towards the conclusion of his livestream, Hayes enthusiastically exclaims,

“Why are we constantly supporting people that don’t support us? When someone doesn’t support you, are you always obligated to support them?”

It is truly strange that Hayes would feel this way about not only a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party, but of the man single-handedly responsible for the rise of the modern libertarian movement. Without Paul, it is arguable that no one would know what the Libertarian Party is.

Watch Hayes’ livestream below.