Trump Gives Freedom To Healthcare Workers and Leftists Think It’s Oppression

Of course, Democratic party leaders, liberals and all other types of reasonable pundits are losing their minds over the fact that they cannot force a doctor to perform an abortion. They have no right to their services, this overhaul does not make abortions illegal, but only that it is now possible for doctors and other healthcare practitioners to refuse to practice something they see as immoral or against their religious beliefs. This is essentially the medical version of “Bake The Cake” where homosexuals could, by law, force Christian bakers to bake them a gay wedding cake against the bakers’ will.

“This is the use of religion to hurt people because you disapprove of who they are,” said Harper Jean Tobin of the National Center for Transgender Equality. “Any rule that grants a license to discriminate would be a disgrace and a mockery of the principal of religious freedom we all cherish.”

Well, Ms. Tobin, the Constitutional right to religious freedom is not an argument in this case. It is not a disgrace nor a mockery, everyone is still able to practice their religions freely. It is now in fact MORE American and pro-liberty to extend the right of disassociation and discrimination to businesses and healthcare providers. No one should be forced to provide a service for you, no matter how emotional you are about someone achieving to replace their genitals to make them feel better about their denigrated mental state.

Melanie Israel of The Heritage Foundation stated: “Conscience violations continue to occur, and it is critical that the administration responds appropriately.” She also said “Ensuring that HHS funds do not support morally coercive or discriminatory practices or policies in violation of federal law should not be remotely controversial.” Also, advocates of conscience protections say that new accommodations for caregivers are long overdue. These kinds of recognition have been argued over since the Obama administration.

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The new division would be a third, co-equal branch with the office’s existing two divisions that focus on federal civil rights laws and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Yet again another pro-liberty move from the Trump administration, rules are now in place that can secure a slow down or stopping to the left’s overtaking of public policy concerning civil rights and healthcare workers, which the left seeks to socialize with their emotional, communist tendencies.