Senile Commie Who Once Called Tax Cuts Theft Calls Trump “Pathological Liar”


One month ago, everyone’s least favorite grandpa, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) went into a fit of rage after the GOP’s tax bill passed in Congress. Sanders took to Twitter to lament his frustrations, and went so far as to call tax cuts theft, saying that “trillions of dollars were stolen from the American people.”

Sanders, who has maintained such a backwards ideology his whole life, had the gall to call President Donald Trump a pathological liar.

Ironically, Sanders again complained about tax cuts while making this statement about Trump.

Sanders told ABC’s This Week,

“I am more worried about what this president’s policies are in terms of telling the working people of this country, during his campaign that he was going to stand with them. And yet, he governs now as a representative of the billionaire class. Tax breaks for the wealthy, cutting people off of health insurance, ignoring the needs of children, not dealing with the prescription drug crisis in the country that he said he would deal with. I worry about him being a pathological liar. Those are some of the concerns I have.”

Sanders infers that Trump is a pathological liar for claiming to stand with the working people of America while supporting policies which Sanders believes harms them. Ironically, it is Sanders’ worldview which has starved hundreds of millions.

As a man who claims to then support working people, Sanders is the true pathological liar.