Russia Is Right: The US Is Senselessly Policing Iran

On Thursday, December 4th, 2018, The United States called an emergency Security Council Meeting over the recent protests in Iran. The UN Ambassador to Russia responded to this nonsense in the way Ron Paul would. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia of Russia said that the US is abusing the Security Council, claiming that the protests in Iran are a domestic issue and the US needs to mind his business. “Let Iran deal with its own problems.” This was the theme of Nebenzia’s address regarding this emergency meeting.

The US is trying to police the world. It’s about time someone stood up to them. The fact that the US is using the United Nations to bully Iran into submission shows that Nikki Haley is not anti-globalism. She’s just fine with a global American Empire.  It’s a good thing, however, that she is reducing UN funds. She’s just doing it for the wrong reasons, nevertheless. Fortunately for global peace, anyone on the UN Security Council can veto a UN resolution. If Nikki Haley and the US tries to turn Tehran into Iraq 2.0, I suspect Russia will veto this measure. Thankfully, the world still remembers the failure that is Operation Iraqi Freedom. Maybe, just maybe, the neocons will think for once and back off and let Iran deal with its own issues. They will not want to, nonetheless. But they may not have a choice this time.

A Better Way to Stop These Meetings

Ambassador Nebenzia did his duty to stop the American empire from conquering Iran, but there’s still a problem. And that problem is the United Nations. If you don’t like these needless Security Council meetings, maybe we should reject globalism. Maybe we should reject the United Nations. Maybe Thomas Massie has it right. The United Nations is completely unnecessary, no matter how often the globalists claim it is. The United Nations does not promote freedom, but global tyranny. The UN does not promote peace, but a brutal empire. While Ambassador Nebenzia has stopped this global super-state from destroying the sovereignty of Iran (for which he deserves credit), no one is out of the woods yet.

No matter how many times Ambassador Nebenzia stops the US from overreaching, the problem of globalism will persist so long as the UN exists. If we really want local sovereignty, we would end the United Nations. We would allow for localization. We would allow for self-determination. It’s time the US stop meddling in the affairs of other nations, and it is time that the UN stops acting as a tool for this empire.