What Must Be Done to Grow Liberty and Defeat Leftism in 2018

The following article is co-authored by Matthew Chaffin, Justin Moldow, and TJ Roberts.

Fighting For Property Rights is Fighting For Freedom

The state of property rights have been likened to that of a downward sloping hill—continuously worsening. The United States Supreme Court will be hearing the infamous “bake-the-cake” case which will help decide, politically, whether or not property rights will continue to hold much value moving forward into the country’s future. Eminent domain lawsuits are rising across the country with the collective effort to end this immoral and unethical practice of theft. The NSA and other agencies continue to justify their invasion into the digital property of the citizenry in the name of national defense. The DEA, an agency that was created to infringe upon the most basic of property rights, the rights of the individual to use his/her body in the way he/she sees fit, continue to be emboldened by officials such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other lawmakers.

All of these examples help show that while there may be some optimistic cases of the people fighting back against an anti-property respecting government, there is still a long way to go. This should, above all else, be an action that as freedom-fighters rally around and help end because the government was intended to protect life, liberty, and property. The government was not created to infringe upon these tenets.

The Fight For Freedom Must be a Populist Fight

Populism is not an ideology. It is a strategy that turns social change from top-down to bottom-up. One needs to look no further than the election of Donald Trump under the guidance of Steve Bannon to know that populism is a winning strategy. The people of America are sick and tired of the establishment and intellectual elites. Libertarians should take advantage of this. Libertarianism is not a political matter, it is an anti-political matter. No matter how much things change in Washington, they always seem to stay the same. This is why we need ordinary people to rise to prominence. We aren’t trying to get a seat at the table. We aren’t trying to get scraps from the table. No. We are trying to flip the table on the elites and make them fear for their power.

For more sources on populism and libertarianism, see “Right Wing Populism: A Strategy for the Paleo Movement” by Murray Rothbard and the transcript of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “Libertarianism and the Alt-Right.

Learn Effective Marketing

Bringing the message of liberty to the masses is one large sales pitch. In order to maximize our profits as a movement, we must develop a strategic marketing plan that will most effectively grow our ranks, and grow our freedoms. To accomplish this, we must analyze our demographics to know who we should market to, how to reach out to them, and who we should not waste our time and resources on.

The message of liberty is one of property rights, self-defense, free markets, and localization. Of the mainstream political ideologies, this message is most well received by the right-wing, and the right-wing alone, since their principles are largely ground in the same ideals. The left abhors private property, and the other principles it gives rise to. Bringing them to our worldview would take much more time and effort than reaching out to the right would, since they are so far removed from our ideology. While some leftists may be more receptive than other, they should, for the most part, be entirely ignored. Time is our most precious resource, and for every leftist marketed to, we have given up the opportunity to bring many more right-wingers within our ranks.

Once our demographics have been realized, a plan to reach them needs to be formed. Should our strategy be purely philosophical in nature? Would adding humor to our plan dilute or enhance our message? For this, we must look to the successes of those who have best marketed to the right-wing. The likes of Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos, Charlie Kirk, Alex Jones, and even the President of the United States himself – Donald Trump – have risen to prominence in the political scene by thoroughly understanding their demographics, and knowing who they need to reach out to. They inject humor when needed in order to please their audience, since entertainment is the number one seller in this country. Once a relationship with their demographic has been attained, they are able to reach their audience more easily, and have their ideas heard.

Anyone serious about spreading liberty must similarly craft their own marketing plan that mimics the successes of other great marketers, and makes the greatest use of our scarce resources at hand.  Without an appropriate marketing strategy, our efforts are useless, and entirely meaningless.