Here’s What Hillary Clinton’s House Knew About Hillary Clinton

Just before the FBI opened another investigation into Hillary Clinton, a small house fire broke out in the home of the Clinton Crime Family. Although the house survived the fire, many have been wondering: What did Hillary Clinton’s House Know About Hillary Clinton. Here’s our list of the top ten scandals involving Crooked Hillary, but first, an honorable mention.

In 1974, a 27-year-old Hillary Clinton set the stage for her life of crime and corruption as she was fired from the Watergate Investigation for lying and unethical behavior. According to Dan Calabrese, the chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee on Watergate, Clinton was conspiring to deny Richard Nixon of counsel during the investigation.

Disclaimer: this isn’t a full lesson on the crimes of the Clintons. It is an introduction to several scandals in which they were involved. More information is available on these topics.

10. Ties with the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that explicitly plans to “destroy Western Civilization from within.” Ties with the Muslim Brotherhood could explain much of Hillary Clinton’s anti-West beliefs. Of course, one of her top aides is well-connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma Abedin (the now ex-wife of sexual predator Anthony Weiner) seems to have a tendency to associate herself with the anti-West group. While leftist Snopes claims this is false, their one source was John McCain, who has hailed known associates of Al Qaeda as his hero. While this shows Hillary Clinton keeps bad company, this isn’t all that bad compared to everything else.

9. Presidential Pardons for Senatorial Donors

Marc Rich, who was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for over fifty counts of fraud, received a pardon from President Bill Clinton after Rich’s wife made major donations to the senate campaign of Hillary Clinton. Pardongate led to an entire House investigation which concluded that the Clintons did, in fact, sell presidential pardons to criminals.

8. Vincent Foster

Vincent Foster was a close associate to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton’s deputy White House Counsel. Foster also had ties to Travelgate and our Number 1 scandal associated with the Clintons. As investigations began to include Foster, he “committed suicide.” The death of Foster has been a topic of much controversy throughout the 90s and continues to haunt the Clintons to this day.

7. The Emails

Hillary Clinton spent 4 years as Secretary of State. As fourth in the line of presidential succession, the Secretary of State carries incredibly sensitive information that is required to be kept on a government server. But of course, she kept the emails on her unencrypted private server. Throughout the investigation, Clinton handed over more than 55,000 emails, several of which contained classified information. She also deleted more than 30,000 emails from her personal email address. No one knows what was on there because she wiped the server where she kept the emails. We have no idea what information she had and whom she sent it to.

6. Shameless Defense of a Child Rapist

Lawyers knowingly defend guilty clients all the time. It’s part of the trade. It’s no big deal. But a lawyer should never be proud of defending a child rapist, going so far to even laugh about it. But that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton did. In the courtroom, Clinton berated the 12-year-old rape survivor, calling her mentally ill and that she fantasized about getting raped. Audio later showed that she laughed when discussing the fact that her client passed a lie detector test. Although the rapist pled guilty to a lesser charge, he ultimately walked for rape, and Hillary Clinton laughs about it.

5. Benghazi

Four Americans died because of the reckless foreign policy and lack of concern of Hillary Clinton. She chose to go into Lybia and destabilize the nation by killing Ghadafi and overturning his regime for no other reason than the expansion of the American empire. As time progressed, Clinton decreased the security of a base in Benghazi. On September 11, 2012, the base was attacked and 4 Americans died.

Days before the attack, the base requested additional security. Clinton denied them this backup. Rather than evacuate them, she left them there as sitting ducks. When it was all said and done, Clinton claimed that the attack had nothing to do with her foreign policy or security decisions. Instead, she blamed the Islamic terror attack on “an awful Internet video.” Be nice to Muslims, guys. Or they’ll kill you! While being investigated, Clinton didn’t care about those who lost their lives. But hey, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”


4. Using the FBI and IRS Against Political Enemies

Under President Bill Clinton, the IRS was used as a weapon against groups that resisted the Clintons. Obama would use this under his IRS to target conservative and libertarian groups as well (no coincidence that Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State at the time). In addition, the Clintons would order the FBI to create profiles on adversaries (this included Bill’s rape survivors). Filegate led to an investigation by the House Oversight Committee.

3. Attacking Bill Clinton’s Rape Survivors

Hillary Clinton claims to support women. If those women are conservative, libertarian, too far left, or were raped by her husband, however, she will go to war with them. Not only did the Clintons threaten and stalk women like Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones, they would hire private investigators to dig up dirt on these women. When Clinton is confronted with these allegations, she blames it on a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” which is ironic considering Kathleen Willey helped create Virginia For Clinton. She helped Bill Clinton get into the White House before he raped her. This isn’t a conspiracy. Bill Clinton is a rapist, and Hillary Clinton is absolutely horrible to the women who seek justice.

2. The Clinton Body Count

I may join this scandal after making this list. People associated with the Clintons have a way of dying mysterious deaths. It’s almost like they don’t like loose ends. Vincent Foster is the most famous person on this list, but the list goes on and on. Here is a list of the Clinton Body Count as of 08, but just know that the list has expanded since her 2016 presidential run, and her house almost joined a couple days ago.

1. Whitewater

This one always goes unnoticed, but it’s absolutely egregious. This is where Vincent Foster met his end. This is where Monica Lewinsky was discovered. This led to the imprisonment of several of Clinton’s friends, including a former governor of Arkansas. It was ultimately the Clintons taking part in impropriety with business partners in a failed real estate venture. While this wasn’t a serious action, the cover-up is astounding. Clinton’s friends were dropping like flies. Without Whitewater, we likely wouldn’t know about most items on this list. It outdoes Benghazi by a landslide if one accounts for the backfire it had. The Clinton Body Count is as big as it is because of Whitewater.

The New Investigation

Now, the FBI is determining whether or not Clinton’s “Charity” The Clinton Foundation was actually a money-laundering scheme for Clinton’s Pay-to-Play policies. Hillary Clinton built a house of cards on crime. And while her actual house may have survived, this house of corruption is burning down. Whether it’ll take Clinton down all depends on how corrupt the FBI is. If you wish for the prosecution of Clinton, don’t get your hopes up.